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Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler)

Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler)
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Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker ( Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler )

Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler)
Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler)

Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler) Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler)
Main performance indexes:
Project performance index
Configuration II (September 13, 2019)
Chassis manufacturer China Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. China Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd
Model: zz1257n5847e1 zz1257n5247d1
Engine manufacturer China Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. China Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd
Model d10.34-50 d10.34-40
Gearbox manufacturer China Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. China Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd
Model: hw19710t hw19710t
Rated capacity of oil tank (L) 45000 45000
Maximum oil filling flow of reel hose (L / min) 1200 1200
Platform double hose refueling maximum flow (L / min) 2400 2400
Flowmeter accuracy (%) ± 0.2 ± 0.2
Single coil pumping flow (L / min) ≥ 300 ≥ 300
Aviation kerosene filtration accuracy meets the requirements of API 1581, Fifth Edition and API 1581, Fifth Edition
Boundary dimension (L × w × h) (mm): 17850 × 2970 × 3080 17875 × 2980 × 3220
Maximum speed (km / h) 45 45
Braking distance (m) < 12.5 < 12.5
Curb weight (kg) 23000 23000
Other performance ---
Lifting range of refueling platform (mm): 1930-3930 1930-3930
The emission of exhaust pollutants from the engine shall meet the limit requirements of gb17691-2005 phase V, and the exhaust smoke shall meet the requirements of GB 3847-2005. The exhaust pollutants meet the limit requirements of gb17691-2005 phase IV, and the exhaust smoke meets the requirements of GB 3847-2005.
Sinotruck HOWO 45000L Aircraft Tanker (Tractor with JET A-1 Fuel Tank Trailer Aviation Kerosene, Aviation Gasoline, Jet Oil 11880 US Gallon Refueler)

Refueller Trucks, Refueller Trucks Suppliers

ZZ1257M5847E1L Refueller Trucks chassis
Weight Parameter Curb Mass (kg) 9560
Full Loaded Mass (kg) 25000
Rated Towing Mass (kg)
Dimension Parameter External Size Length (mm) 10855
Width (mm) 2496
Height (mm) 3125,3730
Wheel Base (mm) 5225+1350,5200+1400
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 314
Performance Parameter Max. Speed (km/h)
Economic Speed (km/h) 65~88
Max. Grade Ability (%) 35
Min. Turning Diameter (m) 21
Engine Model D10.28-50 D10.31-50 D10.34-50 D10.38-50
Net Power (kW)/Speed (r/min)
Max. Torque (Nm)/Speed (r/min) 1190/1200~1500 1390/1200~1500 1490/1200~1500 1560/1200~1500
Transmission HW19710CL
Clutch(mm) φ430
Rear Axle Type MCY13Q
Rear Axle Ratio 3.08 3.36 3.7 4.11
Fuel Tank (L) 400
Frame Section(mm) 300×80×8
Suspension (Front/Rear Spring) 10/12,4/12,4/5,10/-,4/-
Tire 315/80R22.5 18PR/315/80R22.5 14PR,295/80R22.5 18PR/295/80R22.5 16PR,12R22.5 18PR/12R22.5 16PR,12.00R20 16PR/12.00R20 14PR,11.00R20 18PR/11.00R20 16PR,12.00-20 16PR,11.00-20

  • LZZ1BLNJ×××××××××

  • LZZ1BLSJ×××××××××

  • LZZ1BLMJ×××××××××

  • LZZ1BLMH×××××××××

  • LZZ1BLNH×××××××××

  • LZZ1BLSH×××××××××

Country of origin China
Chassis ZZ1257N5847E1

# Engine model Engine displacement Engine power Engine manufacturer
1 D10.34-50 9726 cc 9.7 L 594 cuin 249 kW 339 hp China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
2 D10.38-50 9726 cc 9.7 L 594 cuin 276 kW 375 hp China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
3 D10.28-50 9726 cc 9.7 L 594 cuin 206 kW 280 hp China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
4 D10.31-50 9726 cc 9.7 L 594 cuin 228 kW 310 hp China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)

Fuel diesel fuel
Environmental standard GB17691-2005 National V / Euro 5, GB3847-2005
Maximum speed 102 km/h 64 mph
ABS have

Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight 17620 kg 17.6 t 38,845 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating 25000 kg 25 t 55,000 lbs
Axle load distribution

7000 kg / 18000 kg ()

7 t / 18 t ()

15,000 lbs / 40,000 lbs ()

Overall length 10560 mm 34′8″
Overall width 2500 mm 8′3″
Overall height 3250 mm 10′8″

Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles 3
Wheelbase 5825+1350 mm,
5800+1400 mm,
5225+1350 mm,
5200+1400 mm
Front track 2022 mm,
2041 mm
Rear track 1830 mm / 1830 mm 6′1″ / 6′1″
Front/rear overhang 1500 mm / 1885 mm,
1500 mm / 1860 mm
5′0″ / 6′3″,
5′0″ / 6′2″
Angle of approach 16°
Angle of departure 10°
Leaf springs 10 / 12, 4 / 12, 4 / 5, 10 / -, 4 / -

Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres 10
Tyres dimension 315/80R22.5 16PR, 295/80R22.5 16PR, 12R22.5 16PR, 12.00R20 14PR, 12.00-20 16PR, 11.00R20 16PR, 11.00-20

Seating capacity 3, 2
Steering control steering wheel

Aircraft Tanker Aircraft Refueling Truck Aircraft Refueler TECHNICAL SCRUTINY REPORT (TSR) (SPECIFICATION)

Air transportable internally by C-130 E Model
Along with spare wheel, wheel brace, jack with handle and one set of complete tool kit and fire extinguisher:-


3 Engine No of Cylinders Diesel 6 cylinders water cooled & direct injection, OHV
Mechanical drives between engine and pump.
4 Max Torque 135 to 145 Kg at 1200 to 1400 RPM
5 Max Output 340 to 360 PS at 2100 to 2200 RPM
6 Piston displacement 11,000 cc to 11,300 cc
7 Transmission · 6 forward x I reverse speed
· 6 x 4 Drive
· Manual Transmission
8 Clutch Hydraulic control with air assisted dry single plate.
9 Dimensions Length 10,000-11,000 mm
Width 2450-2550 mm

Height 2550-2660 mm
Wheel Base 5500-7000 mm
Grd Clearance 270 to 300 mm
Weight empty 12,800-14,000 Kg
Weight with load 29,000-30,000 Kg
10 Colour Jungle Camouflage
11 Steering Right Hand Drive
Power Steering
12 Suspension Front Front semi elliptical steel leaf spring, hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers.
Rear Rear semi elliptical type steel leaf spring type.
13 Brakes Parking Hand operated hand brake for parking at rear 8 wheel
Service Air pressure over hydraulic dual circuit on front and rear wheel.
Automatic actuated braking system when the refueling is in operation
Auxiliary brakes Electro pneumatic control with better fly valve.
14 Electric System 24 V system.
Batteries provided with housing and switch
Batteries cover made of fuel resistant material
Main battery shut off relay

Other standard electrical fitting to be provided (fire proof certificate for electrical wiring is to be provide by the firm).
15 Seating Capacity 3 Persons in Front Cabin
16 Chassis Frame to be ladder type reinforced single channel equipped with hook on the front & rear frame
17 Axle Front · Reverse Elliot "T" / "I" beam type
· Load capacity 6,500 to 8,000 Kg on road
Rear · Two Axles
· Single reduction banjo housing tandem type
· Load capacity 22,500 to 24,000 Kg on road
18 Exhaust Horizontally mounted below front bumper with spark arrester.
19 Pump drive system T/M PTO Drive / Full power, Split Shaft PTO
Speed control gear box below chassis.
Control Provided at Control Panel as well as Cabin
20 Clamp Rings Suitable Qty of Clamp rings for shipment, located at appropriate locations
21 Cab All steel welded cab
Hydraulic tilt type
crew seats adjustable with shock absorber & coil spring
Windshield & windows with tinted glass3
Center and Window side mirrors.
Good quality / durable up-holstry / cabin fittings
Fog light
22 Mudguards Built-in mudguards.
23 Spark Arrester Prevention from the spark. 1 unit to install in front of passenger side.
24 Control Board Control panel should be on the right side of vehicle
behind Driver cabin.
Provisioning of Roll up type shutter doors
Hand accelerator
Warning lights for fuel charging system
Pressure indicator for pump suction / delivery and refueling lines
Pump RPM digital indicator
Instruction plate (in English Language)
Control air pressure gauge.
Differential pressure gauges for filter / separator.
Reference pressure gauge for By pass valve.
Venturi pressure gauge (Fuelling pressure gauge).
Vacuum pressure gauge for defueling process
On-off switch for Dead Man System
Manual Deadman override switch
Main power switch
Emergency engine stop switch on control panel
Working Lamp switch
Deadman Lamp
Brake inter lock lamp
Pump speed control on control panel
Revolution counter on control panel
System flow diagram
25 Tank Capacity 5000 US Gallons

Construction · Made of Aluminum Alloy as per International Aviation Standards (AW5454)
· Material of the tank must be corrosion / oxidation free and resistant, and must comply with International Safety and Aviation Standards.
· OEM to furnish complete details about tank material specs, its corrosion resistant properties, and International Aviation Standard to which material complies, in his technical quotes. Moreover, certificate to this effect be provided
· Tank to be leak resistant and able to sustain jerks and jumps on rough track.
· Tanks shape must be designed such that refueller is C-130 Aircraft transportable
· Single compartment, provided on the inside with stress-resistant shell heads and anti-slashing baffles dividing tank into communicating compartments, such that all are accessible for cleaning / inspection.
· Tank wall thickness is to be minimum 5 mm.
· Baffle plates must be flushed with tank surface to ensure full drainage of fuel while defuelling operation
Compartments All compartments assembled by welding of continuous bead type to the chassis

Man Holes · Qty Two (2) of 20" - 24" dia
· Mounted to tank top side
· Provided with covers, bolted to the man-hole collars
· Fitted with fuel proof sealing
· Provided with Vacuum pressure safety valve
· Provided with one separate inlet for dip stick
Tank Bottom · One stanch tape with hermetic seal cover fitted to the bottom of tank rear section and provided with automatic water drainage and one gate valve to drain the tank by hand.
· The tank should be manufactured with a sloped channel forward to the water pump installed in the rear point of the tank bottom
Cat Walk · Non-skid type (Metallic Structure)
· Running along the whole upper side of tank with safeguard
Ladder One fixed ladder on rear of refueller for climbing up and down the catwalk way
Fuel System and Pump Compartment Doors · Large Size
· Hinged type
· Opening upwards / sideways
· Provision of roll up type doors on both side of control panel
Hose Carriers · Qty Two for 3" hoses
· Fitted on each side of the tank
Tank to · Inner piping with suction port

pumping station connection located in the lower part but above level of drainage sump.
· One emergency valve on piping outlet to cut-off the tank from pumping stations.
· Anti vibrating joints to damp possible vibration between the tank and the pump.
Tank Vent Interlocking Device · Provided Air Vent valve at the top side of the tank.
· Provided to prevent dispensing unless the vent is open.
Tank Level Gauge 8" -10" Dia Aluminum Alloy, float type at the driver side of the tank

· Self-priming centrifugal pump with self-lubricating Anti-friction bearing

· With 6" and 4" delivery parts, capable to deliver the fuel by means of two reel hoses.

Type · Automatic Engine Speed Regulation for the pump
26 Pump / Fuel System
· In addition to Automatic Pressure Control Valve 3" Venture of Adjustable Type for constant and accurate refueling pressure

Max working
10.5 Bar

Max delivery · 600 U S gallons (2271 Ltrs) per minute. Ensuring :

· Fuel delivery of minimum 60 to 70 US Gallons per minute from both 1½" delivery hose (Over Wing refueling)

· Fuel delivery of minimum 160 to 170 US Gallons per minute from 2 ½" delivery hose (Under Wing / Pressure Refueling)
Protection from
Foreign Matter
Removable strainer provided for pump
suction side
27 Valves · One check valve on delivery side of the pump for automatic self-priming of the pump
· One remote control safety valve
· Suitable piping between the safety valve and the pump section
· One pressure regulating valve, (on a scale of 20 to 70 psi) acting as an automatic control device to keep the fuel flow at the pre-selected pressure when refueling is taking place at a single under-wing coupling complete with by-pass pipe to get back exceeding fuel inside the tank
28 Over Fill
One overfills sensor (Deadman device) for top loading system to be provided
29 Ejecting Unit One ejecting unit to empty flexible hoses after de- fuelling/fueling
30 Filters · Two stage filter water separator elements {FWS vessel model No LVC-2644 Ex (or equivalent of latest brand)} make Valcon filters Inc, USA or equivalent that originally conforms to API / IP 1581, 5th edition (or latest issue), Cat M 100 type S (i.e for JP-8 +100 fuel).
· Two sampling points (on filter inlet and outlet) to be provided (i.e. 1st stage and 2nd stage).
31 Gauges / Meters · Two pressure gauges (differential gauges) for control of flow pressure on the lines going in and out of the micro filters.

· Two bulk meters, mechanical type with metric tolerance, capacity 500 US gallons per minute for pressure refueling and approx 150 gallon per minute for open refueling
· Bulk meters to be provided with re-calibration device reading in gallons up to 5 digits with "o" reset and a totalizator up to 7 digits without "o" reset
· Fuel Pump Pressure Gauge (Both in Bar and PSI scale)
· Venture Pressure Gauge(Both in Bar and PSI scale)
· Air Compressor Gauges(Both in Bar and PSI scale)
· Hydraulic Gauge(Both in Bar and PSI scale)
· Engine related gauges
· PTO System Gauges / Indicators
· Fuel Level Gauge of Fuel Tank
· Micronic Filter Water Indicator
· Flow Meter for refueling operation
· Vacuum gauge(Both in Bar and PSI scale)
· Moisture Detector Gauge in the Fuel Tank
· Inlet Pressure Gauge(Both in Bar and PSI scale)
· Hour Meter
32 Fire Extinguisher System · Automatic Fire Extinguishing system be provided with the following specs:-
· 20 Kg CO2 gas cylinders
· Adequate thermostats
· One set of delivery nozzle
· One emergency hand control
· Mounted on the main parts of the pumping system.

· Two additional 6.8 kg CO2 gas cylinder hand operated fire extinguisher be provided and located at a suitable place outside the pumping cabinet.
33 Hoses / Hose Reels and Rewinding System Hose Reels · Two Pneumatic / Hydraulic operated winding hose reels be provided on the side of the pumping station. 1-1/2" diameter and 2-1/2", each to fit for 75 / 100 hose.
Pressure Refueling Hoses · Two flexible (ELAFLEX/ equivalent) hoses of size 2 ½" and 75 long, aviation fuel-proof for pressure refueling
· One fitted on hose reel and other supplied as spare

· The ends should have a 2 ½" coupling for connection to pressure refueling point
· The other end of the flexible hose fitted on the reel is to be connected with the central shaft of the reel by means of a quick release coupling

· Three flexible (ELAFLEX/equivalent) hoses size 1½"and 75 / 100 long, aviation fuel-proof for open refueling

· Equipped at one end with pistol type delivery nozzle (Opw 295 USA) or equivalent and at other end connected with the central shaft of the reel

· One hose to be fitted on the reel and other hoses along with pistol type delivery nozzles as spare

· All hoses must conform to following specification:
· Type-C with conductive cover confirming to British standard 3158, 1985 and German Military standard VG95.955. They should meet German safety regulation TRBF 131/2
· Manufacturing should be seamless tubing made of Nitrite Rubber (NBR) anti static, no fuel solubility. They should be reinforced with sufficient textile brands without metallic standard covered with chloroprene.(CR)electrically conductive

Re-winding System / Operation · Hydraulically / pneumatically operated system with associated safety equipment, which must be spark-proof and safe to operate under all conditions. A certificate of safety and undertaking that it meets the international aviation standards is to be provided by the suppliers.

Connections · All connections will be loose flanges with gasket seals
· Two 2 ½" connections by gates arranged on left side of pump unit and joined to pump suction piping to collect fuel from outside sources
34 Nuts & Bolts · All nuts and bolts must be corrosion proof.
35 Static Bonding · Two Automatic reels with 30 Meters of clear PVC insulated bonding wire and crocodile clamps to earth trailer refueller to the aircraft and ground respectively.
· Standard plugs and clamps fitted on delivery nozzles
· ½" meter of insulated bonding wire with crocodile clamp installed with each delivery nozzle to earth it to the aircraft.
· Qty 02 Ground Rubber and Strips (01 Spare)
36 Refueller Performance · Under wing pressure refueling of aircraft through 2 ½" hose by suction from the refueller tank,
· Over wing free refueling of aircraft through 1½" hoses and nozzles for suction from the refueller tank.
· De-fueling of fuel from aircraft through under wing coupling and delivery into the refueller tank.
· De-fueling operating through the 1 ½" nozzle and delivery into the refueller tank.
· Recycling operation
· Refueller tank filling through suction port by pump pressure.
· Refueller tank filling through the manhole by gravity fall.
· Automatic pressure relief system to cater for changes in temperature during day and night.
37 Criteria for System Safety and Standardization · Compliance to latest ISO and International Aviation Manufacturing / Safety Standards
· Compliance with NFPA-407 (National Fire Protection Association-USA)
· Following operations / systems are to be in accordance with following NATO standards : -
· Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment Electrical Connections for Static Grounding.
· Technical criteria for closed circuit-refueling system.
· Pressure refueling.
· Minimum Quality Surveillance of petroleum products.
· Technical guidance for the design and construction of Aviation and Ground fuel installation of PAF airfields.
· Electrostatic safety: Connection procedures for aviation fuel handling and liquid fuel loading/unloading operation during ground transfer and Aircraft.
· Supplier is to provide OEMs certificate confirming adherence to above standards.
38 Miscellaneous Accessories · Sun visor
· Ash tray
· Rear view mirror (provisioning of back view mirror with auto adjustment function)
· Spare Wheel
· Carrier for spare wheel
· Jack with handle
· Wheel brace
· Seat belts (Self-locking)
· Towing hooks at front and rear
· Instruction plates fixed in suitable place in compartment for the operation of Engine, Pumping System and Automatic Fire Extinguisher System
· Dip sticks for each tank compartment with comparison tables to check the Tank Level
· Two 3" flexible hoses (approx 4 meter long) with connections for suction from outer sources and filling of the tank
· Tool kit housing
· Two swivel lamps / marker / search lights mounted on rear top corners
· Compartment lights
· Reflectors
· Clearance, stop and direction indicator lights
· All fuses to be housed in fuse box
· Qty: 2 units of 2", and 2 units of 3" winter suction hose with adopter for suction from outer sources.
· One 1 ½" and one 2 ½" flexible hoses of std length along with connectors
· 2 ½" Coupler for under wings and 1 ½ "Nozzle (OPW 295 USA / equivalent) for over-wing.
· Automatic Flame Holder Ventilator
· Natural Ventilators of the control cabin to avoid fuel vapors
· Remote control Main Switch for the Veh Battery
· Two sets of fire proof clothing including helmets.
· Applicable safety caution markings at appropriate places (In English)
· Rear view camera for reversing operation.
39 Publications · The supplier must provide following publications along-with each vehicles / equipment, as applicable and three additional copies free of cost :-
(a) Operator manual.
(b) Repair/maintenance manual
(c) Overhaul manual.
(d) Spares catalogue.
(e) Aluminum Tank Repair Scheme
40 Tool Kit · Standard tool kit comprising all the tools required for daily servicing and handling road side defects will be provided for each vehicle free of charge as follows:-
Ø First aid kit (including the contents)
Ø Hydraulic jack (minimum 20(twenty) tons)
Ø Wheel nut spanner and its lever
Ø 12 pcs open ended wrench and 12 ring wrench
Ø Screwdrivers for slotted screws and cross headed Philips screws, made of chrome- vanadium steel, suitable for the screws used on the vehicle and pump.
Ø 12" approximately 305 (three hundred and five) non adjustable wrench
Ø Combination plier and diagonal cuffing nipper Portable lamp and a hand lamp.
Ø Drawbar (mounted on a proper place on the vehicle) Reflector(2 pieces)
Ø 2 pieces of Levers (I big and I small size)
Ø Spare wheel, mounted on a proper place on the vehicle (including the rim and the tyre)
Ø Chocks Qty 02
Ø Hammer of minimum2 (two) kg
Ø An air hose of minimum 15m. and an air pressure gauge (including the connections and tyre inflation adapter)
Ø Portable, chemical fire extinguisher of 12 kg, effective in fuel fires, mounted on a proper place outside the vehicle (easily removable)
· Above mentioned items should be made in USA / Europe / Japan / Korea
41 Fuel Consumption Fuel consumption be intimated in kilometers per liter.
42 Road Worthiness Supplier will hand over vehicle to PAF in fully road worthy condition (at consignee end) without any extra charges.
43 Spares support · Supplier is to provide certificate for availability of spares for next 20 years
· List of Fast Moving Spares to be provided
· One set of Fast Moving Spares be provided with each refueller at free of cost.
· Supplier is to provide a list depicting major parts of the refueller along with their make and origin.
44 Training Supplier should provide training to PAF personnel for 05 working days at No 303 ALD Faisal free of cost in following areas:-
· Refueller operation, including operation of all Major Systems.
· Scheduled servicing.
· Major servicing and overhaul
· Repair of Aluminum Tanks
45 Acceptance Criteria Supplier to provide a certificate indicating international Aviation Standard, in accordance with which the Refueller fuel tank has been constructed including its material, strength and corrosion resistant properties. Quality Certificate by Turkish/ Korean/ USA/ EU Standards Institute for Aircraft Refueller of 5000 USG capacity
Aluminum Tank is to be provide by the firm.
A Quality Control Dossier and original Mill Test certificates along with the Aircraft Refueller will be provided.
PAF team comprising 04 personnel will conduct factory acceptance test (FAT) for minimum 05 working days of aircraft refueller at firm premises and carry out field test / trail. All expenditures of FAT team as regard boarding, lodging and return air tickets will be borne by supplier. On successful completion of field test / trials and removal of observations made during trials, bulk delivery will be provided to PAF accordingly.
100% physical inspection / functional check of complete refuellers will be carried out by Dte of QC / No 3 PQEC and No 303 ALD in the presence of rep of Dte of Grd Tpt (as per technical specifications) at consignee end

- Column No 1, 2, 3 &4 to be filled by Splt Dte at the time of submission of Draft Indents to DCM.

- Column No 5 to be filled in by supplier at the time of submission of technical offer.

- Column No 6 to be filled in on receipt of the same Performa from DP (Air) for clearance of TSR by Splt Dte.

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