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NISSAN 4x2 Refuse 5-6m3 Compactor Garbage Truck

NISSAN 4x2 Refuse 5-6m3 Compactor Garbage Truck

 NISSAN 4x2 refuse 5-6m3 Compactor Truck

NEW NT400 NISSAN garbage truck


 It is used for compresion garbage station to transfer garbage compress bins.


  Operating system is a hydraulic control system.


  The cabinet is made of high-quality carbon steel plate and welded structure, with high strength, light weight, this design can stop produce secondary pollution.
 compression garbage truck  -04T-NISSAN



           NISSAN 5-6m3 compression garbage truck
           Chassis type            ZN1080A5ZJ
           Cubage(T)             5-6
           Parameters            Overall dimension length/width/height (mm)            6590×2090×2500
           Total Mass(kg)            7600
           Payload(kg)            3000
           Kerb Mass(kg)            4405
           Approach angle/ Departure angle(mm)            22/14
           Front suspension/rear suspension(mm)            1069/2172
           Fuel Type            diesel
           Fuel Consumption/100 km            
           Max Speed             115
           Engine            Type             ZD30D14-3N
           Displacement/Power(kw)             2953/103
           Manufacturer             Dongfeng light Diesel Engine Co., Ltd
           Type             Straight in line,4 stroke,diesel engine
           Chassis            Drive type             4x2
           Wheelbase(mm)             3349
           Tread(front/rear)             1940/1860
           Front axle load capacity (kg)             2400
           Rear axle load capacity (kg)             5200
           Steering gear             Hydraulic power steering assistance
           Transmission            5 forwarder,1 reverse gear,manuel operation
           Clutch            Diaphragm clutch, hydraulic remote control, pneumatic servo
           Braking system            Diaphragm clutch, hydraulic remote control, pneumatic servo
           Cab             Non-longheaded, one and a half row cabwhole metal-enclosed
           Number of spring axle(front/rear)             8/13
           Tire Type             7.00-16
           Air-condition            With air-conditioner
         Vehicle No:   TIC5080ZYSZN compression garbage truck  ,refuse compression garbage truck
         Chassis modle :   ZN1080A5ZJ
         Total Mass(kg) :7600
         Rated loading mass(Kg):2420
         Unladen mass(Kg):4985
         Mast speed:        95m/h)
         Drive type: 4*2 LHD
         Min turing radius :6550mm
         Outline dimensions (mm):
         Wheelbase : 3349mm
         Approach/Departure Angl:
         Front/Back overhang(mm)1069/2172
         Gradeablity :30%
         --------Chassis technical parameters
         Modle No: ZN1080A5ZJ
         Axle: 2
         Wheelbase:3349 mm
         Axle load: 2400/5200
         Tire; 7.00-16LT/7.50-16LT
         Type of fuel:   diesel
         Front Axle:1556
         Back Axle:1478
         Tire NO:6
         Number of cab:   3
         Spring:    6/5+5
         --------engine parameters
         Engine No: ZD30D14 3N
         Series :ZD30
         Displacement (ml):2953
         Power(kw ):103
         Intake form: Turbocharged
         Cylinders arranged in the form:line
         Rated speed : 3600RPM
         Max torque : 280N.m
         Engine type :lnline four-cylinder four-stroke
         Cylinders material : cast iron
         type:Common rail, water cooled Diesel engine
         Brand : DongFeng
         Manufacture:Dongfeng Light Engine Co., Ltd.
         Numbers of cylinders: 4
         Emission standards: Europ 3
         Max horsepower:140hp
         Max torque speed: 1600r/min
         Compression ratio: 16.9:1
         Cylinders stroke :102
         Firing order : 1-3-4-2
         Cylinders head material :aluminum
         ----------Transmission :
         5MT / Floor-type
         Type: Mechanical
         Mode of operation :Manual operation
         Forward block number:5
         The gear ratio:5.015,2.543,1.536,1.000,0.789,R4.481
         The form of the drive : Rear-wheel drive
         ------------Braking system
         Form of brake :front wheel ,rear drum brake
         Load sensing proportiong valve (lsv):
         Abs :optional
         Parking brake:center rod
         Parking brake type :brake handbrake
         -------------suspension system
         Front/Back overhang: spring
         Front :6 Real :5+5
         Reed plate number : 6/5+5
         --------steering system
         Power steering
         Steering wheel :two pieces connect
         Numer of crew :3   Numbers of doors :2
         Steering wheel surface material :pvc plastic
         Dashboard display type:pointer
         Inside the power supply voltage:12V
         Doors and door panels: standard contain explosion-proof lever door
         Meter : standard digital clock
         Wiper ,two-speed with varable gap
         Sound: standard radio ,Cab can flip
         -----------other standard
         1:heatings and air conditions
         2:power steering
         3:axle:modle Donfeng dana
         4:manual axis equalizer plain glass
         5:optional airb
         --------Speccial Function
         Cylinder volume :6CBM
         Filled pull along the ground clearance : 860(mm)
         The cycle time of filling jobs :30 s
         A row of working time unloading garbage :40 s
         A loading device filled garbage time :12 s
         Max braking compression force : 16
         Max unloading force row :18 t
         Lifting time of filling device :15 s
         automate good sealing
         Hydraulic compression
         automatic lifting hopper
         flat launch material
Compression type garbage truck-specific function:
Compression type garbage truck garbage from the sealed compartment, hydraulic system, operating system components. Type of vehicle is fully sealed, self-compression, self-dumping, all the compression process of sewage effluent into the car, a more radical solution of the waste during transport secondary pollution problems, the key parts are imported components, with pressure, sealing good, easy operation, and safety. After the hanging bucket optional flip flip agencies or institutions refuse bucket.
The salient features than other garbage truck
garbage collection is simple:
a change in the city streets of the dirty past of placing trash, to prevent secondary pollution. 1:compression ratio, load capacity:
maximum crushing pressure of 12 tons, the equivalent load of garbage with tons of uncompressed row two and a half.2:process automation:
the use of imported computer control system, fill rows of unloading all the required drivers operating in one operation, not only to reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also greatly improve the working environment.3:economic good:
the work of special equipment, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.
4:double insurance system:

 the operating system with computer control and manual manipulation of the dual function, greatly improve the protection and utilization of vehicles.TIC TRUCKS ,

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