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stainless steel 3 axles Ammonium tank trailers 25000liters for sale

Views:1903     Author:Dong Runze Special Vehicle     Publish Time: 2017-08-15      Origin:Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer

stainless steel 3 axles Ammonium tank trailers 25000liters for sale

China Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer

Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer 3 axle 24-25M3. Tanker heating system and insulationlayer. Tanker trailer chassis description Safety accessory

Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer 

Discount Price: $ 35000.00- : $ 38000.00

Liquid ammonium nitrate transportation trailer.jpg

Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer 3 axle 24-25M3

Tanker heating system and insulation layer

Tanker trailer chassis description

Safety accessory

Anti-static system

Overall dimensions(mm)

24,000 liters tanker description


Manhole cover

Discharge valve

Tanker heating system and insulation layer

Insulating layer

1. Tank containing keep warm by insulation layer

2. Insulation layer composed of:80mm thickness Rock wool and 1mm stainless steel plate covered, it can prevent the heat losing.

Heating system

Honda Generators drive Combustion machine connect heating pipe.

6 inch steel heating pipe line fixed at the bottom of tanker, so the heating will come through the heating pipe to make the tanker heating

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