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Truck Mounted Telescopic Ladder ( House Moving Services 38m -45m King Run Customizing)

Truck Mounted Telescopic Ladder ( House Moving Services 38m -45m)
House Building Goods Lift and Download (House Furniture Moving Cherry Picker Hydraulic Ladder
Dongfeng King Run Customizing Ask for better price

Price: $ 101600
Discount Price: $ 95500

  • DRZ5*
  • Dong Run Ze
  • 8705909990


Truck Mounted Telescopic Ladder ( House Moving Services 38m -45m)

House Building Goods Lift and Download (House Furniture Moving Cherry Picker Hydraulic Ladder 

Dongfeng King Run Customizing Ask for better price 

Sino 38m Lift High Altitude Ladder Truck

Chassis Description
Cab HOWO / Dongfeng King Run
Color Optional
Allowable person in cab 2/3
Wheel base (mm) 4200
Number of axles 2
Front axle 5000
Rear axle 10000
Traction system 4×2
Tire specification 8.25R20,9.00R20,
Tire quantity 6+1
Engine Description
Engine manufacture  Engines
Engine model ISF3.8s5154; ISB180 50
Emission standard Euro 5 - 6
Exhaust/output 3760ml/115kw    ;5900ml/132kw
Horse power 156hp ;180HP
Up-parts Description
Working height (m) 38-45m
Max working radius (m) 8.3
Boom type Two section folding arm
Rated loading in the bucket(kg) 200
Bucket size(mm) 1200*600*1100
Rotating speed (r/min) 0-2
Rotation Angle 360
Loading of hook (kg) 1000
Supporting leg four H type hydraulic legs
Control mode Hydraulic control or electronic control

Truck Mounted Telescopic Ladder Truck 2

 Features Of Dongfeng Tianjin 45m Ladder Truck:


1, Ladder Truck: Humanized Design, More Convenient, Landing Bucket From The Ground 45 Cm, More Labor Saving When Working


2, 100 Meters Remote Control Operation, 100 Meters Within The Remote Control Operation, No Longer Need To Worry About The Sun Work, Work More Convenient


3. The Hopper With Self-Discharging Function Can Automatically Unload Goods Or Sand, Greatly Saving Working Time


4, Hydraulic Support Leg, H Type Hydraulic Support Leg Plus Front Hydraulic Support Leg, Two Horizontal Support Legs Span Large, Good Stability, Can Be Operated Simultaneously Or Alone, Front Support Leg Strengthens The Stability Of The Vehicle


5, 220V Power Supply, Can Be Connected To The Work Site Electric Tools, Convenient Operation


6, The Air Pump Can Be Connected At The Work Site, Pneumatic Tools, Work Up Both Convenient And Labor Saving


7. Equipped With Navigation Device, Integrated With Navigation, Dashcam, Reversing Image And Video Playback Function, It Is Convenient To Drive


8, Trip Memory, Through The Computer Learning And Memory Of The First Operation Mode, a Key To Reach The Designated Position, Rise And Fall Speed Free Regulation, Suitable For The Same Height Of Many Times Back And Forth Operations


9, Manual Automatic Radiator, Self-Dynamic Temperature, When The Temperature Reaches 55 Degrees, Automatic Heat Dissipation, Reduce Losses


Chassis: BJ3045D8ADA-1 Fuel type: diesel fuel
Engine: 4J28TC Wheelbase (mm): 3360
Displacement (cc): 2771 Dimensions (mm): 5985 × 2025 × 3270
Power (kW): 81 Gross weight (kg): 4495
Chassis: HFC1150PZ5K1D5 Fuel type: diesel fuel
Engine: ISF3.8s4168; CA4DF4-17E4 Wheelbase (mm): 4000
Displacement (cc): 3760; 4750 Dimensions (mm): 7660 × 2490 × 3830
Power (kW): 125; 127 Gross weight (kg): 9685
Chassis: HFC1073R83K1C3 Fuel type: diesel fuel
Engine: HFC4DA1-2C Wheelbase (mm): 3360
Displacement (cc): 2771 Dimensions (mm): 5995 × 1900 × 2950
Power (kW): 88 Gross weight (kg): 4495


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