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Steyr SX2190 RESCUE FIRE TRUCK Military truck 6x6 service truck for export

Views:92     Author: Hubei Dong Runze      Publish Time: 2016-12-12      Origin: Hubei Dong Runze

 Steyr SX2190  RESCUE FIRE TRUCK  Military truck 6x6 service truck for export  
Military truck 6x6 service truck garage truck truck with HIRB crane 
Multi-purpose emergency rescue vehicle


Configuration 6x6
Cab seating 1 + 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 11.5 t
Payload capacity 7 - 8 t
Length 8 m
Width 2.55 m
Height 2.67 - 3.1 m
Engine Wei Chai WP10.375  diesel
Engine power 375 hp
Maximum road speed 86 km/h
Range ~ 1 000 km
Gradient 67%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording 1.2 m
 SX2190 is based around an Austrian Steyr 91 truck technology. Production rights of this Steyr truck were sold to China in 1980s. Some modifications were made to the Steyr 91 design to make it more suitable for local production. The SX2190 is produced by Shaanxi since the mid 1980s. It is worth noting that currently Shaanxi Automobile Group is one of the largest truck manufacturers in China. Several thousands of these trucks have been produced already and its production still continues. The SX2190 replaced a number of older trucks, such as JN252, CQ261, SX250 and SX2150 in service with Chinese armed forces. This heavy-duty military truck became a true workhorse of Chinese army. It has been exported to Indonesia, and possibly some other countries. In some markets it is marketed under SHACMAN brand.
   The Shaanxi SX2190 is used to transport troops and various military cargo. It can carry about 8 000 kg of cargo on hard surface roads and 7 000 kg off-road. A baseline version is a troop and cargo carrier. The cargo area is fitted with drop-sides and drop-tailgate and can be covered with bows and canvas cover. Chinese armed forces use this truck as an artillery tractor. It can tow trailers or artillery pieces with a maximum weight of 10 000 kg. There are a number of specialized versions of the SX2190, such as hooklift system, mobile workshop, shelter carrier, dump truck, fuel tankers and so on. There is also an extended wheelbase version of this truck.
   This military truck is available with different cab versions. Cabs are generally similar to those, used on the Steyr 91 trucks. A baseline cab accommodates driver and one passenger. However there are extended sleeper cabs with berths, that can be reconfigured to accommodate driver and 3 passengers. There is also a version with a double cab. The cab is tilted forward for engine access and maintenance. Recently a version of this truck appeared with the new cab. It strongly resembles cab of German MAN high mobility vehicles with vertical windows. There is even an updated Shaanxi SX2190 with an armored cab.
   Vehicle is powered by a 10-liter Wei Chai WD615.77 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 280 hp. It is a license-produced version of the Steyr engine. It is mated to a manual gearbox with 9 forward and 2 reverse gears. Vehicle has a 6x6 configuration. This truck has some degree of cross-country mobility and can operate off-road. A 10 000 kg capacity recovery winch is proposed as an option.  
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