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Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck with 12cbm Septic Tank Rhd or LHD 4X4 /4X2

Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck with 12cbm Septic Tank Rhd or LHD 4X4 /4X2
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Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck  With 12cbm Septic Tank RHD OR LHD 4x4 /4x2

For Cesspool Emptier  

carbon - stainless steel

RHD OR LHD 4x4 /4x2


Vac Tank truck high quality waste treatment vehicle for sale

Our tanker CKD or SDK is available

Sewage suction truck, It's mainly used for the pumping, transporting and draining of sludge and waste oil in sewers, catch basion, sewer man-hole, sepic tanks and sediments of sludge pool in chemical plants. sewage suction truck is composed of power take-off, trransmission shaft, vacuum sewage suction pump, pressure tanker, hydraulic system, pipe network system, equipped with vacuum pressure gauge, liquid indicator, hand-washing device.  
1. Equipped with hydraulically opened rear lid with self-discharge, high vacuum degree an sucking range.  
2. Equipped with self-priming and self-draining vacuum pump (ratin rotate speed=1400r/m, min rotate speed>800r/m,max suction lift> 6m, vacuum>500mmhg, clockwise)  
3. Time for full suction<5min

The pictures are for your reference only.    

Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck with 12cbm Septic Tank Rhd or LHD 4X4 /4X2
Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck with 12cbm Septic Tank Rhd or LHD 4X4 /4X2

Sewage suction truck capacity from 3000 litres to 20,000 litres

Fecal suction truck capacity from 3000 litres to 10,000 litres

septic tank truck, sewage suction truck, toilet truck,sewer truck, vacuum truck

vacuum sucker trucks Detailed Product Description

Item unit parameter
Vehicle model
SX1166UN461  Sewage Suction Truck
Chassis model
Overall dimensions mm 8450*2490*3300
Factual cubage L 12000
GVW kg Appro×16000
Rated loading capacity Appro×12000
Mass in working order Appro×14000
Body internal dimensions mm 5500*2000*1370
Wheel base 4600
F/R track base 1250/2450
Approach/departure angle ° 34/18
Exhaust/hp ml/kw 9726/221
Max speed km/h 90
Tire specification 11.00R20 Engine type WP10.300E40
Traction system 4×2 transmission 6-speed with over drive
Number of axles 2 Electric system 24v
Operation control  system Electrically hydraulic control Allowable passengers in cab 3
Equipment Equipped with special vacuum pump(rating rotate speed=1400r/m,min rotate speed>800r/m, max suction lift>6m, vacuum>500mmHg, clockwise)
Equipped with power take off, transmission shaft, high pressure sewage tank, pipe network, sewage pipe for observing and cleanout equipment
Time for full sucktion<5min
Engine DongFeng Environmental Protection,supercharge,diesel engine

Basic equipment of sludge tank  truck

Imported vacuum pump, power-take-off, hydraulic cylinders, control valves , pressure gauge,

water gas separator , oil water separator, level inspection window, suction hose,pipeline system,etc.

1.Tank can be lifted hydraulically to 40 to 45 degree.Rear door can be opened&closed

hydraulically. With full opening design, discharge can be very quick&complete.

2.Overfill system with music horn is equipped to prevent the vacuum pump damage from sewage water into vacuum pump when the tank is full.

3.Super power of vacuum pump, seamless die casted sheel cover, designing for container  with high ability of pressure-resistance,double hydraulic jack system, morestrength then cesspit


 brand new high pressure vacuum suction truck  

Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck with 12cbm Septic Tank Rhd or LHD 4X4 /4X2
Shacman Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck with 12cbm Septic Tank Rhd or LHD 4X4 /4X2

The above information is for reference only. We can produce according to your needs so, If you have any questions you can contact me at any time.

Looking forward to receiving your inquiry!
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