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SITRAK Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles

SITRAK Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles
Price: $ 430000
Discount Price: $ 390000

  • DRZ5
  • 870590

GB17691-2005 National

 SITRAK Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles  

 SITRAK Emergency Rescue Truck  

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Technical specifications
# Engine model Engine displacement Engine power Engine manufacturer
1 MC11.40-50 10 518 cc 10.5 L 642 cu in 297 kW 404 hp China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
2 MC11.44-50 10 518 cc 10.5 L 642 cu in 327 kW 445 hp China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
Fuel diesel fuel
Environmental standard GB17691-2005  Euro 5,  
Maximum speed 90 km/h 56 mph
ABS have
Rated load capacity 8410 kg 8.4 t 18,541 lbs
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight 16460 kg 16.5 t 36,288 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating 25000 kg 25 t 55,000 lbs
Axle load distribution 7000 kg / 18000 kg
7 t / 18 t
15,000 lbs / 40,000 lbs
Overall length 10010 mm 32′11″
Overall width 2500 mm 8′3″
Overall height 3760 mm 12′5″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles 3
Wheelbase 4325+1350 mm,
4300+1400 mm,
4625+1350 mm,
4600+1400 mm,
5225+1350 mm,
5200+1400 mm
Front track 2022 mm,
2041 mm
Rear track 1830 mm / 1830 mm 6′1″ / 6′1″
Front overhang 2370 mm 7′10″
Rear overhang 1940 mm 6′5″
Angle of approach
Angle of departure 16°
Leaf springs 4 / 5, 4 / 12, 4 / -, 10 / 12
Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres 10
Tyres dimension 12.00R20 14PR, 315/80R22.5 16PR
Seating capacity 2
Steering control steering wheel

Emergency rescue for industry:

Gas emergency rescue heating emergency repair municipal pipe network project

Flood control and drainage emergency power generation rescue mine rescue project

Fire emergency rescue road emergency rescue communication emergency repair project

Highway rescue earthquake emergency rescue water supply power emergency

Iv. Product features and functions

1. Scope of application

The product is the only new type of emergency rescue vehicle specially developed in China for the technical cooperation with German units such as gas, heat supply, water supply, municipal, electric power, fire control, flood control, earthquake relief and expressway.

2. Functions that can be realized after modification

1) integrated emergency equipment tool transport function

The equipment cabinet adopts the aluminum alloy profile imported from Germany. The equipment on both sides of the equipment can be adjusted according to the size of the equipment.

2) emergency function

Equipped with a variety of emergency tools in the car, while providing temporary heating, emergency rescue launched

3) power supply function

A separate cummins 50KW generator set can provide 380V and 220v power.

4) all-round lighting

Vehicle configuration 2 lift lighting systems, of which a set of camera system, lighting lamp holder can rise by 2.4 meters, 360 ° rotating yuntai,

A set of mast lifting lighting provides lighting.

5) vehicle balance

Equipped with hydraulic support leg system, keep the vehicle balanced and stable when using the vehicle.

6) warning lights

The head of the car is equipped with a long row of warning lights, an alarm, and a flash module on the side, which serves as a warning.

7) safety function

The system has the technical support of lightning protection, fire protection and electricity utilization.

The body is equipped with grounding, lightning protection and 2 bottles of dry ice fire extinguisher to ensure the safety of the vehicle

Equipped with first aid medical kit to provide emergency personnel with the function of self-rescue

8) integrated control of electrical appliances

All electric equipment control systems of the vehicle are centralized in the side control console of the vehicle.

Heat supply intelligent control system is also provided

9) network data transmission function

Equipped with hard disk video recorder, wireless network, can carry out field monitoring, data transmission, image, etc


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