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Road Sweeper Kits Upper Body SKD

Road Sweeper Kits Upper Body SKD
Price: $ 22000
Discount Price: $ 20000

  • DRZ5
  • 8707909000

  Road Sweeper  Kits Upper Body SKD 

Chassis Parameters  Hyundai / ISUZU / HOWO  SINOTRUCK 

chassis of 5 tones

Water tank

1m3;1.5m3; 2.5m3;3.5m3

Waste hopper capacity

4m3  ;5m3;6m3;7m3

Hydraulic System

System Pressure


Operating system

Full Hydraulic control


SKD Road Sweeper body 5m³ Road Sweeper Superstructure Spare Parts List

NO. Name Unit Quantity Total Quantity Comments
1 Dust Tank Assembly 1 set 4 set Installed
2 Clean Water Tank Assembly 1 set 4 set Installed
3 Hydraulic Motor 4 unit 16 unit Installed
4 Magnetic Valve 1 unit 4 unit Installed
5 Sweep Plate 4 set 16 set Installed
6 Hydraulic Oil Cylinder 8 unit 32 unit Installed
7 Fan Assembly 1 set 4 set Installed
8 Auxiliary Engine Assembly 1 set 4 set Installed
9 Vacuum Suction Assembly 1 set 4 set Installed
10 Auxiliary Frame Assembly 1 set 4 set Installed

11 Vacuum Suction Pipeline 1 unit 4 unit
12 Electric Control Box 1 unit 4 unit
13 Main Control Box 1 unit 4 unit
14 Rear Door Sealing Strip 1 unit 4 unit
15 Water Pipeline 1 unit 4 unit
16 Three-Way Valve 1 unit 4 unit
17 Two-Way Valve 1 unit 4 unit
18 Pipeline Hoop 1 unit 4 unit
19 Compound Gasket 1 set 4 set
20 Suction Plate Mudapron 1 unit 4 unit
21 Diesel Pipeline 1 unit 4 unit
22 Sweep Brush 88 unit Approx. 1350 unit
23 CCD Camera System 1 set 4 set

Road Sweeper Kit  SKD with  Vaccum Fan , Water Washing  Auxiliary Engine  road sweeper kit -38.jpg road sweeper kit -34.jpgroad sweeper kit -33.jpg road sweeper kit -35.jpgroad sweeper kit -23.jpgroad sweeper kit -27.jpgroad sweeper kit -31.jpg road sweeper kit -25.jpgroad sweeper kit -26.jpgroad sweeper kit -32.jpg

---- Depend on customer chassis

---- Suitable for ISUZU, HINO, Mitsubish LHD & RHD chassis.

---- Road Sweeper body capacity from 1 to 16 Cublic Meter.

---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Virious types of refuse container lifter are available.


Road Sweeper Superstructure (5,000L)
General Suitable Chassis ISUZU, HINO, MITSUBISH model, LHD & RHD optional
Superstructure Body capacity 4 cbm dust tank & 1 cbm water tank
Tanker material Stainless steel
Vacuum sweeping capacity 31,000 cbm/h
Vacuum sweeping speed 3-15 km/h
Max. sweeping width 2200 mm
Vacuum suction plate Under the road sweeper tanker
Auxiliary engine

ISUZU engine, 77HP (57kw), super powerful

JMC engine, 77HP (57kw), super powerful

All standard accessories: Warning lights, music alarm, basic tool kit, English manual...

** Back alarm and Camera can be equipped.

** Italy Brevini motor can be optional.

** Air blower can be of stainless steel

 Road Sweeper Superstructure Round Road Sweeper Tanker


Part Number:

Round Road Sweeper Tanker


Road Sweeper truck kit installed road sweeper tanker 

for 4 cbm garbage collection &  1cbm water storage


approx 4000*1900*1800 mm


ISUZU street sweeper truck, Road sweeper kit for customer HINO chassis


DRZ brand New

Vehicle model:

Road Sweep truck kit


1950 kg

Quality level:



Road Sweeper Kit (also called as Street sweeper kit, brush road sweeper kit, vacuum road sweeping system, Sweeper truck kit, road sweeper up structure, sweeper vehicle up body, Road sweeper truck accessory, Sweeper truck body structure) This Street sweeper kit has a simple and proper structurewith four brushes in the middle and a suction port at the back part of the vehicle 


1.Tank Assembly:

2.Dust Bin Assembly
Dust Bin Assembly:4CBM
With hydraulic rear door

3.Cleaning Water Assembly
Cleaning Water Assembly:1CBM
4.Auxiliary Engine Assembly & Fan Assembly

Auxiliary Engine Assembly: JMC brand 57kw

Fan Assembly
Fan Assembly

Auxiliary Engine Assembly: JMC brand 57kw

5.Brush Assembly

7.Control Assembly

8.First and most important thing is take off the support steel(Place 1,2,3,4), and fix the road
sweeper superstructure on your chassis.

Place 3: Connect with Rear Sweep Plate

Place 1: Connect with Front Sweep Plate

Place 2: Support the whole sweeper superstructure

Place 4: Support the whole sweeper superstructure, and easy for Container delivery

9.Fix Truck Chassis Battery & Fuel Tanker nearby auxiliary engine, detail place showing as below

Please note: JMC brand auxiliary engine use 12V Battery, means only need connect one battery with JMC engine

Truck Chassis Battery
fixes on this place Truck Fuel Tanker
fixes on this place

Truck Chassis Battery fixed, when connect with JMC auxiliary engine, only use 12V battery

Truck Fuel Tanker fixed, which supply fuel to truck chassis engine & auxiliary engine

12V Positive Pole connect with JMC auxiliary engine
Negative Pole connect with chassis

Additional electricity line in parts box

Oil Inlet Pipeline
Oil Outlet Pipeline

Two-way valve & Three-way valve used for oil pipelie connection

Open the side door to refueling the truck

10.Put the Main Control Box in driver Cabin and collection the electric line properly for easy operation.

Please note: Main Control Box use 24V Battery, means can directly connect with chassis battery

Main Control Box in Driver Cabin, which suggest fixing between seats

Connect the electric line properly

Main Control Box fixed in Driver Cabin, suggest being on co-driver seat

Rear Arrow Lights control box fixed near by

Main Control Box connects with all electric system, including control assembly, light assembly, etc.

For One road sweeper body marked with number, means only need to match number

Connect Place

Totally three CCD cameras in Road Sweeper superstructure: two at side & one at rear

11.Fix the Hand Cable Accelerator, which supposed to be fix in cabin near the seat.

Hand Cable Accelerator: can adjust sweeping speed

Electric Line: control the width lamp

12.Connect the Vacuum Suction Plate & Dust Tank by Vacuum Suction Pipelin

Fix the Vacuum Suction Pipeline this place

Vacuum Suction Pipeline: Connect by Pipeline Hoop

Two units Pipeline Hoop

13.Sweeping Plate & Brushes, Fix 22 brushes on one sweep plate, Interval Fixation method would be proper

Totally 4 brushes Plate for road sweeper truck

Four bolts on sweeping plate to fasten the brushes

For one sweep plate, interval install 22 units sweep brushes

Take off the sweeping plate, then using hammer fix the sweeping brush on the slot showing above Please note that: One Sweeping Plate match with Twenty Two Sweeping Brushes
14.Fix Suction Plate Mudapron on the plate and auxiliary chassis

Mudapron: Keep road clean during driving

Iron Rope: Connect Mudapron & Auxiliary Frame

Steel connect with truck chassis: Cut into proper height during installation

Hole with bolt connect with Iron Rope

Steel connect with truck chassis: Cut into proper height during installation

The Mudapron should be
installed at this position

15.Rear Lamp installation guidance

Taillight placeholder: final size based on chassis rear lamp

16.Clean water tank Liquid Level Indicator installation guidance

Fix the Liquid Level Indicator Pipeline this place

Liquid Level Indicator should be installed like this

To keep the pipeline safety, we fasten them on road sweeper structure auxiliary frame

Road sweeper truck price list


Standard configuration

Chassis,sub frame,body,4 sweeping brushes, stainless steel vacuum tank, water tank,5T fan, auxiliary engine, electromagnetic control valve, suction cup, sprinkler system,

hydraulic system and electrical system.

Selective configuration

surveillance system,rolling brush.

Vehicle modelChassis brandChassis modelLoad (L)Overall dimensionsWheel baseEngine modelhp/standardTire

EXW Price

RMB /USD=6.3


DRZ5160TSLDDONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000DFL1160BX6000;7000



8090X2470X30504700B190 33190/Euro 39.00-20309800US$49,175
DRZ5060TSLEDONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000EQ1060TJ20D335008005970X2000X24003300CY4102-C3F95/Euro 311.00R20159400US$25,302
DRZ5090TSLEDONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000EQ1090T9ADJ3AC450010006700X2290X25003800CY4102-E3C120/Euro 37.50R16200500US$31,825
DRZ5108TSLEDONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000EQ1108KJ500030007000X2480X30003950B170 33170/Euro 39.00-20257700US$40,905
DRZ5126TSLEDONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000EQ1126KJ1600040008090X2470X30504700B190 33190/Euro 39.00-20279800US$44,413
DRZ5141TSLEDONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000EQ1141KJ600040007650X2480X30004500B190 33190/Euro 310.00-20272700US$43,286
DRZ5073TSLBFOTON LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000BJ1073VEJEA-A35008005995X1900X268033604DW91-63NG298/Euro 26.50-16149400US$23,714
DRZ5163TSLBFOTON LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000BJ1163VKPGG-1600040007810X2495X31605000Phaser160Ti-33160/Euro 39.00R20299800US$47,587



QL1070A1KAY450010006465X1980X243538154KH1-TCG40120/Euro 47.00-15255700US$40,587
DRZ511009TSLQISUZU LHDQL11009LARY500030006910X2200X264041754HK1-TCG40190/Euro 48.25-20331400US$52,603
DRZ51609TSLQISUZU LHDQL11609MFRY600040007705X2500X306045004HK1-TCG40190/Euro 410.00-20403100US$63,984
DRZ5161TSLHJAC LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000HFC1161P3K2A47F600040008155X2495X30704700YC4E160-42160/Euro 411.00R20337900US$53,635
DRZ5165TSLSSHACMAN LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000SX1165UN461600040008040X2490X32704600WP10.270E32270/Euro 312.00R20362000US$57,460


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