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KAMA All Wheel Drive 4x4 Fire Spraying Truck with Fire Pump Water Tank 4900 L

KAMA All Wheel Drive 4x4 Fire Spraying Truck with Fire Pump Water Tank 4900 L
Fire pump: CB10.30
Low pressure: 30L/s@1.0MPa maximum absorption depth: 7m.
Model: SP30 (fire water cannon)
Flow: 30L/s effective range: >55m/ 1.0mpa.
Price: $ 33000
Discount Price: $ 29500

  • DRZ5100GPSKM5
  • KAMA
  • 8705309000

KAMA  All Wheel Drive 4x4  Fire Spraying Truck with Fire Pump Water Tank 4900 L

Type of fire pump: CB10.30 atmospheric pressure pump.

Low pressure: 30L/s@1.0MPa maximum absorption depth: 7m.

Maximum depth time:   less than 35s

pump drive: sandwich type PTO 

Model: SP30 (fire water cannon)

Flow: 30L/s effective range: >  55m/ 1.0mpa.

KAMA 4900-L-4x4-Greening-spraying-truck

4x4 water tank fire vehicle
1. External dimensions: 6160 mm x 2180 mm x 2880/3380 mm.
2. Number of passengers: 3.
3. Water tank: volume 4900 L.
 KAMA 4x4 chassis:
1. Model: kaima KMC2100A32P5.
2. Drive type: 4 x 4.
3. Wheelbase: 3200mm.
4. Engine:
The model is 4dx23-140e5, with four cylinders, water cooling, high pressure common rail, and pressurized medium-cold diesel engine.
The rated output power is: 105KW.
Emission standard:  EURO 5
5. Gearbox: mechanical manual transmission, 5 forward gears.
6. Steering system: left, hydraulic power steering, steering wheel height and Angle adjustable.
7. Braking system
Driving braking: vacuum assisted braking.
Parking brake: central drum brake.
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake.
8. Maximum speed: 90km/h.
3. Power extractor: full power clamping device, solenoid valve control, splash lubrication.
Iv. Driving room
1. Structure: overall steel frame welding flat head cab, fixed type.
2. Layout: single row of double doors, the number of passengers is 3.
3. Equipment: in addition to the original equipment, there is also a power grab switch, side marker light switch, hand throttle, etc.
Five, the jacket
(1) tank body
1. Volume: 4900L (water)
2. The structure:
Fangfang welding structure, with built-in anti - swinging baffle and sea - proof hole.
Manhole and manhole cover 1 set, diameter of 500 mm.
The water injection pipe is located on the right side of the tank, with a diameter of DN65.
One of the blowdown pipes is located at the bottom of the tank, with a diameter of DN25.
3. Material: welded with high-quality carbon steel material, with a thickness of 3mm and a thickness of 4mm. (according to customer needs: the inner wall is all embalmed and durable).

Technical specifications chassis KMC2100A32P5
# Engine model Engine displacement Engine power Engine manufacturer
1 4DX23-140E5 3857 cc 3.9 L 236 cu in 105 kW 143 hp FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory (Branch)
Fuel diesel fuel
Maximum speed 90 km/h 56 mph
ABS have
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight 3980 kg 4 t 8,774 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating 10495 kg 10.5 t 23,137 lbs
Axle load distribution 3460 kg / 7035 kg
3.5 t / 7 t
7,628 lbs / 15,510 lbs
Overall length 5970 mm 19′8″
Overall width 2160 mm 7′2″
Overall height 2590 mm 8′6″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles 2
Wheelbase 3200 mm 10′6″
Front track 1790 mm 5′11″
Rear track 1655 mm 5′6″
Front overhang 1300 mm 4′4″
Rear overhang 1470 mm 4′10″
Angle of approach 18°
Angle of departure 21°
Leaf springs 7 / 9+5
Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres 6
Tyres dimension 8.25-20 14PR, 8.25R20 14PR
Seating capacity 3
Steering control steering wheel


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