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Iveco gas pipeline emergency recovery truck export price

Views:1644     Author:Iveco Truck Customizing      Publish Time: 2017-07-03      Origin:Iveco Truck Customizing

Iveco gas pipeline emergency recovery truck export price

Iveco gas pipeline emergency recovery truck export price

export price FOB:$46000-CIF$51800USDgas pipeline emergency recovery truck 1.jpggas pipeline emergency recovery truck 11.jpggas pipeline emergency recovery truck 12.jpggas pipeline emergency recovery truck 15.jpggas pipeline emergency recovery truck 41.jpg

gas pipeline emergency recovery truck 3.jpggas pipeline emergency recovery truck 43.jpggas pipeline emergency recovery truck 23.jpg


1, Iveco quality double chassis stable performance, is capable of carrying more staff members go out to work, ride height is 2.3M, you can directly enter the underground parking garage for water rescue operations; 

2, high quality and large flow rate water pump can pump high flow cement slurry solids such as mud, sand, silt, superior performance, easy maintenance, sewage pumping conditions suitable for harsh environments; 

3, integration of intelligent operating system, integrated electronic control systems, with complete protection and alarm systems;

4, humanized design, ensures the user during use of practicality, ease of operation.

2.3 product features:

1) the models are in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technologies on the basis of innovative design, introducing using imported German aluminum.  

2) features: warning lights warning,AC220V power supply, inverter power supply, lighting, hydraulic power, self-rescue, rescue and other major features.

3) Cab designed considering emergency function, access device quick and easy, reliable fixation features of reliable, sides and rear of fire roller shutter door construction.

4) equipment used German imported aluminum, can be adjusted according to the size of the installation. On either side of the device in accordance with a variety of different designs the structure of on-board equipment, all equipment have a locking device.

5) skirt wall plate over the steps and Toolbox

 Vehicle side protection uses the bus skirts around the design, Vehicle appearance. Closure can be made into the Toolbox, according to vehicle size and different uses of the device for distribution. In order to ensure the construction personnel convenience of pick and place equipment, skirts around steps designed to flip, high bearing capacity (can host 300kg), stair safety and reliable, time for small wood grain Aluminum boards, wear-resistant, non-slip, both beautiful and safe to use.  

2.4, modified product specifications 

DRZ5051XXH Iveco gas pipeline emergency recovery truck vehicle parameters

Dimensions (l/w/h): mm


Wheelbase (mm):


Emissions standards

Euro 4

Fuel type:


Engine displacement (ML):


Engine manufacturer:

Nanjing Iveco Motors Limited

Engine type:


Engine power: kW


Front-seat passengers (person):


Maximum speed (km/h):


Approach/departure angle:


Front/rear overhang: mm


Total mass (kg):


Curb weight (kg):




Axle load: kg


Number of tires:


Number of spring leaf:


Tire size:


Front/rear track:



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