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Isuzu Road Vacuum Dust Sweeping Truck

Isuzu Road Vacuum Dust Sweeping Truck
  • DRZ5060
  • 8705
  • 10000
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Isuzu  Road Sweeping Car
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road sweeper truck
1.Product: road sweeper truck and vacuum sweeper;

2.Drive model:4*2,

Max. Sweeping Capacity

60000 M2/h

Max Sweeping Width

3.0 M

Sweeping Speed :

320 Km/H

Max Speed

100 Km/H

Wheel Base


Chassis type


Engine Model / power/ rev.

4KH1-TC / 96KW / 3400r/min

Gross Vehicle Weight


Kerb Mass

4400 KG

Rated Loading Weight

2190 KG

Rubbish Bin Volume

3.5 M3

Rinsing Bin Volume

1.05 L

Dumping Angle


Max Suction Capacity (equivalent diameter of debris density< 2g/cm3 )


Stainless steel trash volume(m3)


Stainless steel water tank volume(m3)


Discharge angle (°)



With A/C

3.Tank capacity:water tank 1-3CBM, garbage capacity 3-8CBM

4.Max sweeping width 3metre, sweeping speed 3-15 kilometer/hour, sweepingefficiency >95%, Max granule suction 110 millimetre .

5.Equiped with pump that made in Italy, solenoid valve made in Germany, motor and hydraulic system, the cab equiped withelectric hydraulic centralized control operation system.

6.Chassis brand: ISUZU series chassises.

sweep truck

 main performance description
Cleaning device Type: Center four sweep and rear nozzle, scan disk can automatically avoid obstacles; sweep plate has three modes of operation: full sweep, sweep left front, right front sweep, to achieve road sweeping and vacuuming.
Nozzle: The roll-broom enhanced nozzle, built-in roll sweep, eliminate waste omission; rolling tire three o'clock floating support, road profiling powerful; (national initiative)
Pneumatic tube with a net antifreeze device, can effectively ensure sprinkler parts are not due to structural damage caused by freezing; (national patent technology)
With a leakproof drainage device, effectively prevent dirt build-up, to prevent fouling and clogging junk falls back to the ground straw causing secondary pollution; (national patent technology)
All fasteners are made of galvanized, scan disk, nozzles and other structural parts are made of acid phosphate electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, coating corrosion resistance, weather resistance
Trash the whole entire layer of SUS304 stainless steel, structural strength, does not rust
Trash shape with side large surface modeling, arc transition, in proportion to the whole car, nice.
In the state of emergency, it can be manipulated by setting the manual pump trash, and sweep the nozzle plate movements and other movements, special circumstances can work directly into the engine compartment to detect vice and maintenance
Functional device with enhanced pressure dust, the dust can be adapted to the cleaning surface thicker.
With a variety of security alarm devices: water tank low water level, job tips, deputy engine temperature, oil pressure, parking tips, hydraulic oil leak alarm, trash tipping, reset, and the back door open and close security alarm devices.
Deputy engine and fan with centrifugal clutch coupling device, to ensure that the engine load to start and the Deputy Vice-engine shutdown and fan automatically disengaged.
Use of intelligent control systems, electrical and hydraulic centralized control, simple operation, the driver can complete a variety of actions in the cab operation.

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