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Isuzu 4*2 10t Fvr Fire Fighting Truck with 6.3tcrane Factory Slae

  • 10000
  • Nil
  • T/T, Western Union
  • 5160GXFQ
  • Diesel
  • 4×2
  • 251-350hp
  • New
  • Euro 3, Euro 4
  • military standard.
  • China
  • 8705909090
  • Pumper
  • ISO9000, CCC
  • 5001-7000L
  • Euro 4
  • Manual
  • 10t

Isuzu 4*2 Fire Fighting Truck fire fighting truck with crane
Euro 3, Euro 4

FVR,Double row seat,
Tank Capacity: 5500L/5500kg
Fire Pump: Rated low pressure:1.0MPa ,Medium pressure condition:2.0MPa,Rated Flow rate:40L/S, Flow rate:20L/S.rear-mounted,Water delivery time:≤35s
Cannon: Rated pressure≤1.0MPa,Rated Flow rate:40L/s,Throw range≥60m,Rotation angle:360°,Depression Elevation angle:-15°to +50°
Overall Dimension: 7260×2500×3450mm

Relying on strong technological capability, we can produce and sell the DONGFENG, SINOTRUCK, JMC, ISUZU, NORTH Benz series water fire truck, foam fire truck, powder 2. Fire truck, emergency rescue fire truck, forest fire truck, water truck with fire pump etc.
7-8 T 4*2 QL1150WKFR FVR34G2 6HK1-TCN 3900
7-8 T 4*2 QL1150WMFR , FVR34J2 6HK1-TCN 4500
7-8 T 4*2 QL1160WAFRY 6HK1-TCN 4700
7-8 T 4*2 QL1160WNFRY 6HK1-TCN 5000
7-8 T 4*2 QL1150WQFR , FVR34P2 6HK1-TCN 5550
7-8 T 4*2 QL1160WRFRY 6HK1-TCN 5800

FVR EUR 4 7-8 T 4*2 QL1150AKFR 6HK1-TCNG40 3900
7-8 T 4*2 QL1150AMFR 6HK1-TCNG40 4500
8-10T 4*2
6HK1-TCNG40 4700
8-10T 4*2
6HK1-TCNG40 5000
7-8 T 4*2 QL1150AQFR 6HK1-TCNG40 5550
8-10T 4*2
6HK1-TCNG40 5800
Our fire truck is widely used for fire fighting of construction, forest, petroleum, chemical industry, factories, mines, oil depot, wharf and other places.

All of our fire trucks with reliable quality, stable performance and reasonable price, and also all are equiped with full fire equipments.

No. Name Specification Q't Remark
1 Suction pipe Ø125×2000mm 4PCS
2 Fire fighting belt Ø65×2000mm 8PCS
3 Fire fighting belt Ø80×2000mm 4PCS
4 Water purifier FJF125 1PC
5 Wye FF65 1PC
6 Ncreaser KJ65/80 2PCS
7 Belt pothook FG600 4PCS
8 Belt cloth FP470 4PCS
9 Above ground hydrant wrench FB450 1PC
10 Underground hydrant wrench FBX800 1PC
11 Suction wrench FS100/125 2PCS
12 Straight stream shut-off nozzle QZG19 1PC
13 Straight stream nozzle QZ19 1PC
14 Straight stream multi-jet squirt QZH19 1PC
15 Fire fighting axe GF285 1PC
16 Tool GT1 1PC
17 Fire extinguisher

Fire truck
Technical parameter of fire fighting body
Liquid tanker Volume: total 4000L (among, water: 3000L; foam: 1000L)
Material: high quality carbon steel plate, anti-rust treatment inside.
Structure: welding, there is baffle plate inner
Equipment: 2 manholes, with speediness lock and turn on equipment, 2overflow mechanisms, 2drainage exites
Fire fighting pump and pipeline system Model of fire fighting pump: CB10/40
Pressure: 1.0Mpa
Flux: 40L/s
Suction depth: ≥ 7m
Suction time: ≤ 35s
Installing type: central or rear
Pipeline system:
Suction pipeline: there is 125mm water inlet, can sop natural water source and sop the water from liquid tanker
Water outlet pipeline: there is one middle pressure water outlet on every side, and gun pipeling with dia. ≥ 80mm on the top of tanker
Discharge remaining water system: to protect pump and all ball valves
Fire fighting nozzle Model: PP24
Range: water ≥ 50m, foam≥ 45m
Pressure: 1.0Mpa
PTO QJ270 sandwich PTO, splashing-type lubricate, can put out fire when driving
Material of carriage Carriage is made of high quality carbon steel and Aluminium embossed sheet
Pump room Central type, there are pump system and pipeline, reasonable structure. Easily operate all meters and operate-switch.
Equipment box Equipment box: at the back of carriage, there is two-layers clapboard, can store equipment. There is safe ladder to up and down on the back of equipment box.
Structure: whole frame is welded to ensure intension and rigidity.
Material: frame is high quality steel, inner plague is aluminium embossed sheet, surface is anodic processed.
Rolling shutter door Light and high quality aluminum alloy rolling shutter door, neatly open and close, good seal, low noise, beauty outside, and with one set lock.
pedal Adopt air-supporting stucture to overturn easily and safely lock.
Material is high quality Q235A, pedal is non-skid aluminum embossed sheet
Electric control system 1. Alarm
Warning light: Lightweight Rectangular, installed on the top of cab, in accordance with outside of whole truck.
Siren: 80W. With FM/ Public Address System and megaphone
2. Light in equipment and pump room can be controlled in carriage.
3. Other light: one light on the top of vehicle, the switch in the cab.
color The whole vehicle is red for fire fighting, there are white in the middle of truck in accordance with the whole truck
Technical requirement 1. The fire fighting vehicle is accordance with GB7965 performance requirementa and test methods for fire fighting vehicle
2. Tank of foam and water is accordance with GB39.5 General specification for fire fithting vehicle.
3. The outside is very beauty, the surface roughness is accordance with GB39.5 general specification for fire fighting vehicle.
All operating switch and meter is accordance with standard nameplate
Set Please refer the following set of fire technical equipment
With fire hose reel auto-rewind middle pressure monitor. 1/2 inch, 40m
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