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IVECO 15Ton On-site Mixed Emulsion Explosive Tanker Vehicle

IVECO 15Ton On-site Mixed Emulsion Explosive Tanker Vehicle
Custom Mining Explosives Equipment
  • 15T
  • DRZ
  • 8708

IVECO GENLYON  Field Mixed Emulsion Explosive Truck

 Custom Mining Explosives Equipment

 Adopts Screw Pump To Pump The Substrate, Water Ring Drag Reduction Transportation Technology, Rotatory Telescopic Arm, Double Charge Pipe System And Droplet Bin, With a Charge Capacity Of 15T And  Charging Efficiency Of 110 ~ 300kg/Min. Adopting Proportional Regulation And Closed-Loop Control Technology, Equipped With Handheld Remote Control Terminal, Reliable Performance, High Degree Of Automation, High Degree Of Information Technology, Technical Performance And Essential Safety To Reach The  Leading Level.

The Technical Parameters Of 15 Ton Field Mixed Emulsion Explosive Truck Are As Follows:JWL-BCRH-15

Overall Dimension (Mm) 11800×2550×3713
Automobile Chassis IVECO GENLYON 
Top Speed 80km/h
Load Capacity 15000kg
Controll 15000kg
Loading Speed 110~300kg/Min
Measurement Error ≤1%
 Tank Volume 0.5m³
Volume Of Blowing Agent Tank 0.8m³
Reload The Aperture ≥φ32mm
Hose Specification

Standard: 1.5"

Can Be Configured As Required: 1", 2"

Length Of  Hose 40m
 Maximum Angle Of Rotation Of The Rotating Arm 180°


IVECO ANFO Mix Units Truck Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil Explosives Tanker

Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil Explosives Mix Explosives Vehicle Equipment

Field Mixed Ammonium Oil Explosive JWL-BCLH-15 Vehicle

field ammonium oil explosive truck adopts progressive charging screw with broken teeth and droplet bin, with a loading capacity of 15T, a loading efficiency of 200-450kg /min and a maximum loading capacity of 1000kg/min. With the adoption of proportional regulation and closed-loop control technology and the configuration of handheld remote control terminals, the company has achieved reliable performance, high degree of automation and high degree of informatization, and its technical performance and essential safety have reached the leading level in China.

Main technical parameters are as follows: IVECO GENLYON 

Project  Custom Mining Explosives Equipment Technical Parameters
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 11800 * 2550 * 3713 (Mm)
Vehicle Chassis Red Rock IVECO GENLYON 
Top Speed 80 Km/h
Total Load Capacity 15000 Kg
Porous Granular Ammonium Nitrate Load Capacity 14200 Kg
Diesel Fuel Oil(Mixed Loading) Load Capacity 800 Kg
Charging Efficiency 200 ~ 450kg/Min (Max To 1000kg/Min)
Measurement Error 2% (50kg-150kg For Single Hole)
Rotation Arm Rotation Angle /Range 180 ° (+ 90 °)
 Spiral Length Of The Rotating Arm 5 m.
 Power Mode Of Mixed Equipment Hydraulic Transmission


JWL-BCZH-15 Technical Parameters Multi-Functional Field Explosive Truck

emulsion explosive truck-02-Multi-Functional Field Explos

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 11850×2500×3985mm
Automobile Chassis  IVECO GENLYON 
Top Speed Of 80 Km/h
Bunker Charge 15000 Kg
Charging Efficiency

Emulsion Explosive: 110 ~ 300kg/Min

Ammonium Oil Explosive: 200 ~ 450kg/Mi

nHeavy Ammonium Oil Explosive: 200 ~ 550kg/Min

Types Of Explosive

Pure Emulsifying

Pure Ammonium Oil, 

Emulsifying - Ammonium Oil Type Heavy Ammonium Oil, 

Ammonium Oil - Emulsifying Heavy Ammonium Oil

Measurement Error Emulsion Explosive 1%, Ammonium Oil Explosive 2%,
Reload The Aperture ≥φ40mm
Hose Specification

Standard: 1.5

"Can Be Configured As Required: 1", 2"

Length Of The Hose  40 m
Mixing Screw Operating Radius 6000 mm
Maximum Rotation Angle Of The Mixing Screw

350 ° (spiral) overhead


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