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High Pressure Cleaning Water Tanker Truck 4000 ~5000litres

  • 10000
  • Nil
  • T/T, Western Union
  • TIC5081TGJS
  • Diesel
  • 4×2
  • 4 - 6L
  • New
  • 7.50-16
  • Cy4100
  • Air Brake
  • 6980×2240×2450
  • 3800
  • 90
  • 4.2t
  • ≥15
  • High Pressure Jetting Pump
  • ≥28
  • TIC
  • military standard.
  • China
  • 8705909090
  • <5000L
  • ISO9000, CCC
  • Euro 3
  • 12 - 16m
  • Manual
  • 5t

Dongfeng high pressure cleaning truck
4000 ~5000Litres

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High Pressure Jetting Truck water jetting trucks
Dongfeng Dolika high pressure cleaning truck(pump imported from Italy)
Chassis type EQ1081T5DJA
Cubage(m3) 4-5
Parameters Overall dimensionlength/width/height (mm) 6980×2240×2450
Total Mass(kg) 7895
Payload(kg) 3250
Kerb Mass(kg) 4450
Approach angle/ Departure angle(mm) 18/14
Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1110/1770
Fuel Type diesel
Fuel Consumption/100 km
Max Speed 90
Engine Type CY4100
Displacement/Power(kw) 3856/88(120HP)
Manufacturer Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd./Dongfeng Commins Diesel Engine Co., Ltd
Chassis Drive type 4×2
Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Tread(front/rear) 1750/1580
Front axle 2.4T
Rear axle 4.2T
Steering gear Recirculating ball steering
Transmission 5 forward gear,1 reverse gear,manual mechanical type
Clutch Uniwafer, dry clutch, hydraulic remote control
Braking system Air braking,cam drum braking
Cab Non-long headed cabin
Number of spring axle(front/rear) 7/8+5
Tire Type 7.50-16
Air-condition Choose to fix

This high pressure watering and dredging truck is multi-functional equipment combined with water spraying, cleaning of road surface, curbs, handrails, billboard, verge by high pressure water, emergency firefighting, spraying dust, watering the green belt, clearing the sewer outfall and cleaning industrial cleaner. This kind of machine can be widely used in daily work of variable grades of highway, municipal administration, and sanitation.

Structural feature
Emission standard EUROIII, EUROIV
Water tank is designed as elliptical cross section with advanced preservative treatment on the surface, being equipped with flow meter; level gauge and low water level alarm inside, the power will be cut down automatically when water level reaches the lowest limit.
Low pressure waterway system realizes cleaning of road surface, water spraying, watering the green belt, and firefighting.
High-power water spraying truck is driven by self-priming centrifugal with large flow and high lift.
Front spraying and back impacting function, high pressure back impacting by 20m cleaning width. Controlled by air-control ball valve, can be operated inside cab.
Back spraying gun can be turned by 360°
High pressure waterway system realizes front impacting, left & right spraying in corners, spraying dust device, handheld-gun operation and draining.
Safety valve and overflow valve, double protection to high pressure water pump.
Front water spraying device can be stretched and turned left and right.
All nozzles are imported parts, fine spraying particles, large spraying range.
Draining, hose retracted by hydraulic reel.

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Our water tank truck with different chassis, eg:DFAC, DFL, SINOTRUCK, CNHTC,NORTH BENS, FOTON, ISUZU, JAC, JMC, KAMA, YUEJIN, etc.
Our water tank series:
-----water tanker truck
-----sanitation water tank truck
-----sprinkler truck
-----water wagon truck
-----insulation water tank truck
-----pesticide sprinkling truck
-----water spraying truck
-----Mild steel water tank cart
-----Stainless steel tank water truck
-----Aluminum alloy water tanker
-----RHD watering cart
-----Water tank semi trailer
-----Storage water tanker


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