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High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck

High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
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High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
Samll 4000L - 5000L LHD/RHD Fecal suction truck sale
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Hubei Dong Runze Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.  
 High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck
High Capacity 10m3 10000L Diesel Vacuum Tanker Truck

 Detailed Product Description

4 X 2 Sewage Suction Tanker Truck G. V. W. ( Kg ): 16000
Wheelbase (mm): 4500 Tire & Quantity: 10.00R20 & 6+1
Engine: YC4E160-33 Maximum Power: 118kw/160hp
Tank Material: Q235 Carbon Steel Tank Volume (L): 10000

4 X 2 Dongfeng Vacuum Tank Truck 10M3 10000L Sewage Suction Tanker Truck

Product Description:

Sewage suction truck is to collect, clean up the transport, sewage sludge, and avoid the secondary pollution of sanitation vehicles, new USES the vacuum pump, the suction, suction cjay, suitable for use in a sewer in the warp, excrement and urine, mud, oil and other liquid material pump, the loading and unloading.

1.Product Parameter:

Products Technical Specification


4 * 2 Sewage Suction Truck




One and half row

Vehicle Description

Overall dimensions (mm)

7300 * 2490 * 3350

G.V.W (kg)


Curb weight(vehicle) (kg)


Loading capacity (kg)


Max speed (Km/h)


Engine Description

Engine model


Maximum power

118kw / 160hp

Displacement (L)


Chassis Description

Chassis Model


Wheel base (mm)


F / R track base (mm)

1900 / 1800

F / R overhang (mm)

1250 / 2100

Approach/Departure angle (°)

30 / 26

Spring plate

9 / 11+8

Front axle / rear axle load capacity (kg)

6000 / 10000

Type of fuel


Gear box

6-speed with over drive

Brake system

Air braking

Operation control system

Power steering wheel

Electric system


Tires&Tire quantity

10.00R20 & 6+1

Sewage Suction Tank Description

Tank volume (m3)

10 m3

Tank material

Q235 Carbon Steel

Thickness (mm)

Tank body:5mm  End plate:6mm

The max.inclined angle

≥ 45°

Tank lifting time

≤ 45s

Rear cover open angle

≥ 75°

Rear cover open time

≤ 25s

Vacuum pump model

68 / 400

Vacuum pump manufacture

Yifeng Suizhou

Absolute vacuum pressure

≤ 0.007Mpa

Effective absorption distance

≥ 5M

The suction pipe diameter

100 mm

Power takeoff form

Sandwich power takeoff,full-power output

Vacuum sewage suction truck

Here the price is for standard configuration. Selective configuration and any change according to the buyer's requirements please confirm the price with our company.

Standard configuration

Chassis,sub frame,vacuum sewage tank,oil water separator, water gas separator, hydraulic cylinder for unloading device, domestic vacuum pump, pressure gauge,suction

hose, gravity flow valve, connected device,observation tube, automatic anti overflow valve, hydraulic suite,rear door hydraulic opening.

Selective configuration

Italy BP vacuum pump,Italy hydraulic motor,liuqid ring vaccum pump

with vice engine price add $5000~$10000,

combine with high pressure jeting price add $5000-$10000

Vehicle model Chassis brand Chassis model Load Overall dimensions Wheel base hp/standard
Tire EXW Price USD CIF Price USD

L mm mm

DRZ5240GXWH CAMC HN1240P29E2M3J 20000 10250X2000X3460 5220+1350 270/ Euro 5
11.00R20 $56,111 $66,111
DRZ5160GXWD DONGFENG DFL1160BX 10000 8470X2500X3700 4700 190/ Euro 5
9.00-20 $34,190 $41,190


DFL1250 20000 10240X2500X3460 5350+1300 260/ Euro 5
11.00R20 $54,048 $64,048


EQ1060TJ20D3 4000 5850X1960X2550 3300 95/ Euro 5
7.00-16 $16,317 $21,317
DRZ5090GXWE DONGFENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 6000 6995X2285X2650 3800 120/ Euro 5
7.50R16 $21,095 $26,095

DRZ5110GXWE DONGFENG EQ1100FKJ 6000 7135X2490X2950 3950 140/ Euro 5
9.00-20 $21,413 $26,413
DRZ5108GXWE DONGFENG EQ1108KJ 10000 7350X2495X3050 3950 170/ Euro 5
9.00-20 $26,508 $31,508
DRZ5126GXWE DONGFENG EQ1126KJ1 10000 8470X2500X3700 4700 190/ Euro 5
9.00-20 $28,413 $36,413
DRZ5141GXWE DONGFENG EQ1141KJ 10000 8310X2495X3350 4500 190/ Euro 5
10.00-20 $28,095 $36,095
DRZ5253GXWE DONGFENG EQ5253GFJ2 16000 10250X2500X3460 4350+1300 210/ Euro 5
10.00-20 $39,714 $47,714
DRZ5250GXWC FAW CA1250P63K1L5T1AE4Z 20000 9585X2500X3220 4800+1350 280/ Euro 5
11.00R20 $59,619 $69,619
DRZ5163GXWB FOTON BJ1163VKPGG-1 10000 8250X2480X3350 5000 160/ Euro 5
9.00R20 $31,603 $39,603
DRZ5257GXWB FOTON BJ5257GNFJH-S1 20000 10000X2490X3350 4725+1300 270/ Euro 5
10.00-20 $51,667 $52,667


ISUZU QL1070A1KAY 6000 6750X2170X2760 3815 120/ Euro 5
7.00-15 $29,841 $35,841
DRZ5160GXWQ ISUZU QL1160ANFRY 10000 8735X2480X2810 5000 240/ Euro 5
10.00-20 $60,730 $68,730
DRZ5250GXWQ ISUZU QL1250DNFZY 16000 9860X2480X2810 4350+1300 280/ Euro 5
11.00-20 $81,206 $89,206


ISUZU QL10503HARY 4000 6090X1980X2710 3360 98/ Euro 5
7.00-15 $24,190 $29,190
DRZ511009GXWQ ISUZU QL11009MARY 10000 8410X2495X3350 4475 190/ Euro 5
8.25-20 $37,651 $45,651
DRZ5161GXWH JAC HFC1161P3K2A47F 10000 8250X2300X2900 4700 160/ Euro 5
11.00R20 $37,651 $45,651
DRZ5254GXWN North-Benz ND1254B41J 16000 9050X2480X3030 4100+1350 270/ Euro 5
11.00R20 $54,778 $62,778
DRZ5255GXWFS SHACMAN SX1255NN464 20000 9950X2490X3350 4575+1400 290/ Euro 5
12.00R20 $58,825 $66,825
DRZ5165GXWS SHACMAN SX1165UN461 10000 8480X2500X3700 4600 270/ Euro 5
12.00R20 $41,476 $49,476

DRZ5255GXWS434 SHACMAN SX1255UM434 16000 9600X2490X3250 4325+1350 290/ Euro 5 12.00R20 $54,143 $62,143
DRZ5167GXWZ SINOTRUK ZZ1167M4611W 10000 8470X2500X3700 4600 266/Euro 5 12.00-20 $44,984 $50,984
DRZ5257GXWZ SINOTRUK ZZ1257N4341W 15000 8900X2500X3600 4325+1350 336/Euro 5 12R22.5 $56,286 $64,286

2. Packing and Shipping:

Truck is nude packing, shipping in container, in bulk , in ro-ro.

We will choose the best shipping type basis on truck volume, truck structure, Sail Schedule, clients' requirement for clients!

3. Company Information:

Hubei Dong Runze Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.     is a professional company who deal in different kinds of special vehicles, trailers and construction machinery.

Our advantage:

(1) We have own factory located in Suizhou---the special truck town of China.We can control every details----the development, the quality and the cost. As a result we can supply the quality goods with most competitve price.

(2) We are familiar with the whole Chinese special truck market. And we are clear the different advantage and different quality level for each factory. So we can consolidate the resource for the customers and supply the most suitable goods for them.

(3) There is a stronge professional team in our company including engineers and business executives. So we can provide the best solution and service for all customers.

If you have any other questions or there is anything we can do for you, pls feel freely to let me know. We are glad to provide the best service.

4. Our Service:

Left-hand drive, if you need Right-hand drives, please inform us, we will make special order for you.

We highly recommend this sewage suction tank truck. It's in an excellent condition and also with good quality and competitive price. Further information, pls feel free to cantact with me or visit our website, we will offer our best service.

If you have any requirements about special trucks, kindly let me know, I will do my best fo provide the most suitable type and competetive price for you.

Looking forward to receiving your inquiry!
Cellphone:  (+86)15271357675

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