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FAW stainless steel round milk tankers 8000L

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 FAW stainless steel round milk tankers  8000L  /

 2000-3000 gallon milk tank truck for sale
 Stainless Steel Road Milk Tankers  PUF Insulated Road Milk Tank


  •    Stainless Steel Road Milk Tankers are of double wall construction with 100mm PUF Insulation between the inner tank and the outer tank.
  •    The inner tank will have high degree of polish finish for Milk storage and transportation.
  •    The tank will be elliptical in shape with single or multi compartment construction.
  •    Each compartment will have independent manhole assembly, complete with manhole lid, Pressure vacuum relief valve, air vent and CIP cleaning arrangement. The manhole shall be additionally covered with a Stainless Steel dust cover.
  •    The milk discharge from the tank will be at the bottom through a discharge cup, pipe line and butterfly valves. Valve box will be located at the rear platform.
  •    The tank will be having ladder, catwalk, and side protection rail and side protection channels.
  •    The tank rear shall be provided with a Skirting and a platform arrangement.
  •    PUF insulated tank is capable of transporting chilled milk at 3°C to 4°C and the average temperature drop of milk in a fully filled tank in a day will be less than 2°C.
  •    The insulated tank will be integrated with the chassis with a trapezoidal frame and will have adequate slope towards the rear for complete drainage of milk.
  •    CIP cleaning arrangement will be provided for regular water cleaning and maintenance of the tank.

         Road Milk tanker can be supplied with single/double/triple compartments and capacity in the range of 4000L to 21000L based on the rigid chassis selectedcapacity in the range of 21000L to45000L based on detachable head tractor the trailer chassis selected.

  FAW stainless steel round milk tankers  8000L
  Stainless Steel Road Milk Tank02Road Milk Tankers
         Item          Unit          Parameter
         Product          /          Milk tank truck
         Vehicle Model          /          TIC5160GNYC3
         Chassis Model          /          CA1167PK2L2EA80
         Gross weight          kg          15900
         Curb weight          6205
         Rated payload          9500
         Overall dimensions          mm          8850×2490×3000
         Front/rear suspension          1312/2268
         Wheelbase          5270
         Tread          Front          1800
         Rear          1800
         Leaf spring number          /          7/10+3
         Axle number          /          2
         Axle-load          kg          5900/10000
         Tire specification          9.00-20
         Engine          Model          CA6DF3-16E3
         Brand          Xichai
         Displacement/power          6740ml/170hps
         Tank          Material: high quality carbon steel, stainless steel, glass steel or plastic steel
         Dimension(length/long axis/short axis): 6200/2200/1400mm
  3000 gallon milk tank truck for sale
  ISUZU milk tankers,ISUZU milk tank truck
 Stainless Steel Road Milk Tank95Road Milk TankersStainless Steel Road Milk Tank94Road Milk Tankers
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