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Dongfeng Telescopic Boom Skip Loader (6m3)

Dongfeng Telescopic Boom Skip Loader (6m3)

Dongfeng Skip Loader (6m3)
Swing arm garbage truck
telescopic boom skip loader garbage truck dta truck manufacturer EDM test this truck

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Dongfeng  Skip Loader  telescopic boom Skip Loader (6m3)

  Skip loader 4x2   Garbage Truck   telescopic boom skip loader garbage truck dta truck manufacturer EDM test this truck

   Skip loader 4x2 Northbenz Garbage Truck


 Detailed description:

 1 The Garbage bucket is divided into different forms. It is respectively swing arm and the pit floor garbage bucket. It can be installed closures to prevent the disclosure of flying pollution.  In order to adapt to different environments use requirements. It uses leading technology and military enterprises accessories .reliable quality,By the manufacturer to provide users with the garbage bucket drawings,to help users design garbage Truck.


 2 Swing arm garbage trucks are widely applicable to the waste disposal and the city streets, schools, the application of national garbage bucket, can be a vehicle with more than one garbage bucket, each spam point to place more than one garbage bucket with the dump functions, hydraulically operated.


 3 It can be increased a unified matching with hydraulic lifting assembly. Through the left and right arms shipment to a unified national arm garbage bucket. A car with more than one bucket, additional dump functions, to achieve security and stability, reliable performance.


 this kind of truck is used for carrying the garbage,sand and oil etc.It has the function of convenient and effective collecting.


       Product         Dongfeng 140 Skip loader
       Chassis type         EQ1092FLJ


       Parameters        Overall dimension length/width/height (mm)         6930×2490×3200
       Total Mass(kg)         9450
       Payload(kg)         4215
       Kerb Mass(kg)         5040
       Approach angle/ Departure angle(mm)         30/14
       Front suspension/rear suspension(mm)         1340/1940
       Fuel Type         diesel
       Fuel Consumption/100 km         14
       Max Speed         80
       Engine        Type         YC4E140-20 Guangxi Yuchai supercharged diesel engine
       Displacement/Power(kw)         4214/90125hp
       Manufacturer         Guangxi Yuchai
       Type         4-in-line supercharged diesel engine
       Chassis        Drive type         4×2
       Wheelbase(mm)         3950
       Tread(front/rear)         1910/1800
       Front axle         3 TON
       Rear axle         9 TON
       Steering gear         Dual-armed steering wheel,power steering
       Transmission        5 gear mechanical drive transmission
       Clutch         Clutch power
       Braking system         Split air braking systemspring brakingexhaust braking
       Cab         Non-longhead one and a half row cab,whole metal-closed
       Number of spring axle(front/rear)         8/12+10
       Tire Type         9.00-20
       Air-condition        Choose to fix
       Special performance parameters        Hydraulic system pressure        16MPa
       Crane arm turn radius        2400mm
       Hydraulic systemFlow capacity        50L/min
       Crane arm maximum pivot angle        145
       Hoisting time        30s
       Unloading time        50s


 Swing arm garbage truck


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