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DTA Food Powder Tank Semi-Trailer

DTA Food Powder Tank Semi-Trailer

DTA Food Powder Tank Semi-Trailer silo tank for sale
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  Max. Volume 60000 Liter
 Min. Weight 6800 Kg
 Low Center of Gravity

  The transport of powder will be specialized step by step according to the requirements of social development, traditional transport modes of pouch packaging and open carriage will fall behind. With the advantages of safety, efficiency and low contamination or pollution to the environment, special chemical powder tanker is the inevitable trend of powder transport in the future.
 With leading technologies and advanced production processes, DTA Vehicles provides high-volume, light-weight and low-gravity dry bulk tank semi-trailer to customers. With 60000 liter max volume and 6800kg min weight, it is an optimal transporter for food powder logistic.


       Aluminum Alloy Technology Aluminum alloy reduces the weight up to 65% comparing to traditional carbon steel. The aluminum fuel tankers of  DTA  provide substantially improved performance than traditional carbon steel fuel tankers in aspects of fuel economy, safety and durability.        
       Stability System
       The stability system of  DTA   acts as real-time monitoring of driving conditions of the vehicle and intervenes automatically in situations where vehicle stability enters a critical area. It brakes specific wheels in order to help the vehicle returning to safe driving conditions, preventing rollover or out of control.
       Lift-up and Self-Steering Axle System
       Lift-up and Self-Steering Axle System can increase driving distance and reduce costs of tires significantly. Test results indicate that the total distance of tires mounted on this system can be up to 750000 km, twice or more than traditional system.
       Air Suspension
       Comparing to traditional leaf spring suspension, air suspension can adjust the extent of soft or firm and the height of the vehicle, provide enhanced performance of shock-absorbing and driving safety.
       Various Tank Structures
        DTA  provides various tank structures to fit various demands of customers.

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 silo tank for sale  

     axles - 3.
     ABS, EBS.
     fillers - 4, compressor.
     Net weight:
     6800 kg
     Load capacity:
     31200~41000 kg
     Year of manufacture:

       TIC TRUCKS ,




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