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DRZ5250GYYC FAW 6x4 Aluminium Fuel refueling vehicle Capacity 22CBM

Views:4245     Author: Dong Runze      Publish Time: 2017-04-24      Origin: Dong Runze Special Vehicle

DRZ5250GYYC FAW 6x4 Aluminium Fuel refueling vehicle Capacity 22CBM

DRZ5250GYYC FAW 6x4 Aluminium Fuel refueling vehicle Capacity 22CBM

carbon steel Unit Price: USD 47000.00 - 49000.00 / Set/Sets

Aluminium alloy Unit Price: USD 60000.00 - 63000.00 / Set/Sets

FAW oil refueling vehicle truck--14.jpg

Vehicle Model DRZ5250GYYC 
Overall dimensions 10140X2500X3300mm Curb weight 13400kg
Tank dimensions 7200×2400×1600mm Tank volume 22000L

FAW computer refueling truck, diesel delivery vehicles_1.jpg

Chassis parameters                                                                          
Chassis model CA1250P63K1L5T1AE4Z Chassis brand FAW
Overall dimensions 9630x2495x2896mm Wheel base 4800+1350mm
Front/rear wheel track 1950, 1847/1847mm Front/rear suspension 1400/2900mm
Approach/departure angle 21/11° Maximum speed 90km/h
Chassis Manufacturer China FAW Group Corporation
Cab Configuration J6M a row and a half deluxe cab(with sleeping berth),allowable 3 passengers, LCD instruments, electric lift glass, manual mirrors, air damping seats, automatic air conditioner, high efficiency single air filter, manual hydraulic lifting device.
Color Red, other color is optional
Engine Model BF6M1013-28E4
Emission Euro 4
Type 6 cylinders, in-line, 4-stroke, turbo inter-cooling
Rated power 280hp, rated power speed 2300rpm
Displacement 7146ml
Max.torque 1100N.m
Bore x stroke 108X130mm
Manufacturer China FAW Group Corporation
Tire Size 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Number 10+1 nos
Clutch Φ 430 diaphragm clutch
Frame 270X75X(7+5)mm
Fuel tank 400L iron oil tank
Front axle 1950 front axle
Rear axle 457 axle, 13tons, casting type, main reduction ratio 4.444
Drive form 6X4
Suspension Multi leaf springs
Rated voltage 24V,DC
Transmissions Shaanxi Fast Gear 9JS119, 9 speed forward 1 reverse.
Steering device Power assisted steering
Steering wheel Left hand drive
Selective configuration 
If there is a slight change in the chassis parameters above, please take the actual product as the standard
FAWil delivery tanker, flow oil truck, refueling vehicle, computer refueling truck_1.jpg
Fuel tank structure                                                           

Tank dimensions 7200×2400×1600mm Tank volume 22000L
Tank material Carbon steel Tank thickness 5/6mm,  Aluminum alloy ,stanless steel

Color and Logo Optional 
Standard configuration Chassis, carbon steel fuel tank, sub frame,oil pump, two aluminum alloy flow valves, tool box, manhole,climbing ladder, fire extinguisher, oil hose.
Selective configuration Aluminum alloy fuel tank, flow meter, oiling machine, European standard manhole, pneumatic valve, AIP valve, anti overflow sensor plug, oil and gas recovery system

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FAW refueling vehicle , tanker, fuel trucks, oil delivery tanker.jpg

Oil refueling vehicle truck refers to the vehicle that loading and transporting of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil, and other liquid fuel, etc. It is mainly composed of oil tank, oil pump, flow meter, refueling gun, filling mouth, fuel release valve, manhole covers, oil hose, chain etc.

According to the different transport medium, oil refueling vehicle truck can be called, oil tanker, refueling vehicle , tanker, fuel trucks, oil delivery tanker, flow oil truck, refueling vehicle, computer refueling truck, diesel delivery vehicles, gasoline delivery vehicles, oil transport vehicle, edible oil transport vehicle, crude oil transport vehicle, heavy oil truck, oil truck.

FAW oil tanker truck-32_1.jpg

According to the brand oil refueling vehicle truck can be divided into, Yuejin refueling vehicle , Dongfeng refueling vehicle truck, FAW tanker truck, Foton refueling vehicle , Sinotruk refueling vehicle truck,Auman tanker truck, North-Benz  refueling vehicle truck, JAC transport tanker truck, refueling vehicle truck, Shacman oil refueling vehicle truck, CAMC oil transport tanker truck, Isuzu tanker truck, JMC tanker truck, etc.


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