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DOT Offers Aluminum Crude Oil Trailers

  • 100000
  • OTC / Frt / Roro Ship
  • T/T, Western Union
  • 9400GRY
  • Tank Trailer
  • 3
  • Self-dumping
  • ABS Anti-lock Braking System
  • Aluminum
  • New
  • as Customer′s Need
  • Mechanical/Air Suspension
  • Optional 40000L,42000L,45000L
  • BPW,Fuwa, L1 ,York,etc.
  • Shacman ,Foton ,Faw, Dongfeng , North Benz -Beiben
  • Double Conical or Straight
  • Multiple
  • Stainless or Aluminum
  • Carbon, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Options
  • TIC
  • military standard.
  • China
  • 8716311000
  • 34~36t
  • ISO9001, CCC, ISO/TS16949
  • 9000-10000mm
  • 2240mm
  • Heavy Duty
  • Multi-link Type
Tank Trailer Manufacturers

tanker semi trailer factory sale
Cellphone: (+86)15271357635

Crude Oil Trailers

Lightest trailers in the market
Largest product offerings in the market:
Tandem to Quad-axle configurations to optimize payload
8400 gallon to 13,000 gallon units built to your needs
Multi-compartment units available
A & B train configurations optional
Factory Applied Tnemec Linings
Severe Service
Proven two-piece barrel design with a single circumferential seam
Industries widest sheet material minimizes barrel seams
Multiple sizes and axle configurations available to maximize payload
A wide variety of piping, vapor recovery, and pumping options available

aluminum crude oil trailers in various models including a non-insulated 8,400 gallon trailer, 8,820 gallon trailer, and 10,500 gallon trailer. We also manufacture a double compartment 9,500 gallon lead and a single compartment 5,000 gallon pup. Body mounts with corresponding pup units are available too. Vantage Trailers will customize a crude oil trailer to fit their customer's needs.
Undercarriage Frame, Kingpin Plate, And Suspension Hangers Are All Hot-Dip Galvanized For Maximum Longevity And Minimum Paint Maintenance And Corrosion Concerns
" Wide Track" Undercarriage Is A Vantage Standard (Option With Most Competition); Important Lateral Stability Enhancement, Particularly For "Off-Highway" Operations
Increased Vessel Bottom Slope For Faster Discharge; More Complete Unloading
A "Full Set" Of Channel Rings; This Design Concept Absorbs The Road Stresses More Effectively And Minimizes Loads Transmitted To Other Key Components, Such As Surge Baffles
Large (6") Drainage Sump And Emergency Valve Are Vantage Standard For The Fastest Loading And Unloading Rates
"Oversized" Drainage Openings In Baffles; Eliminates Retained "Heel" After Unloading
All Accessories (Fenders, Ladders, Hose Carriers, Etc.) Are Fully Bolted On For "User Friendly" Ease Of Fleet Maintenance
Roll Stability Standard
LED Lighting System Is Vantage Standard
Double Conical or Straight
Multiple Compartments Available
Multiple Axle Configuration
Insulation and Jacketing (Stainless or Aluminum) Available

Sand Trailers
Lightest trailers in the market
Custom designed specifications
A & B train configurations
A wide variety of discharge options, loading lines, piping arrangements, and air systems available.
Round sloping interior surfaces with steep, smooth hoppers, to unload quickly and completely
Clean interiors with minimal internal obstructions, minimize cleaning time

Vacuum Trailers
Carbon, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum options
Linings available
Truck-mount pup, and A & B train configurations available
Tank volume:42000 liters+5% volume expansion
Tank material:ASTM B-209 Alloy 5454 H32 shiny,
Main body:6mm
Bulkhead & end plate 7mm
Baffle/ surge heads 7mm

Suspension BPW 12000kg air suspension.
Axles BPW, 12000 kg capacity, tri-axles.
Wheel Rims,Alcoa brand,shiny 6 Pcs
Tyres BRIFGESTONE brand 385/80R22.5 6 Pcs
King pin JOST 2"
WABCO brand ABS,JOST brand 28T standing legs.
2 Pcs spare tire carrier ,4 Pcs 10 pounds fire extinguishers
50L aluminum water tank.rear ladder at the back of the tank.
24V electrical system and LED rear light.

1. Euro Manhole cover
2. Foot valve
3. Discharge Coupling
4. Drain valve
5. Air control switch group
Cellphone: (+86)15271357635

With SGS certificate,DOT & SASO
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