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Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd

  • Shanghai, China
  • 80000
  • T/T
  • Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck
  • 4X2-4X4
  • 95-140HP
  • New
  • LHD/Rhd
  • 6500*2120*2700mm
  • 7.50r16
  • 4300kgs
  • 3800 mm
  • Q235 Carbon Steel Optional Lined PE
  • 1000 Litres-2000 Litres
  • 4m 3;-6m3
  • 16MPa
  • Water Ring Pump
  • Dongfeng
  • Nil
  • Septic Tank Truck
  • China
  • 8705999090
  • ISO9000, CCC
  • Euro 3-5 -6 -7
  • 6t
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 3cbm Vacuum Sewage Tank 2.5cbm Jetting Water Ta
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6M3 Tanker LHD or RHD
Septic Tank Truck with Vacuum Sewage Suction Pump ,Vac Tanker Capacity 10cbm
carbon - stainless steel

RHD OR LHD 4x4 - 4x2

Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd

Pictures for sewage truck
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd

Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd

Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd

septic tank truck, sewage suction truck, toilet truck,sewer truck, vacuum truck
Technical parameters:
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6M3 Tanker LHD or RHD

Product Technical Specifications
Item Descriptions Spesifications and Types
Vehicle Brand Dong Run Ze
Overall Dimensions L*W*H 6500*2120*2700mm
Weights GVW. 8495kgs
Kurb Weight 4300kgs
Rated Payload 4000kgs
Chassis Chassis Brand Dongfeng
Drive Type 4×2
Steering LHD or RHD
Engine Brand Chao chai engine
Power 120HP
Emmission Level EURO 2 or Euro 3 or EURO 4
Performance Max. Speed 90km/h
Wheel base 3800 mm
Tyre Specifications 7.50R16
No. of Tyre 6 pcs (1 spare tyre included)
Cab Cab Capacity 2 persons allowed
Body/Superstructure Tank Capacity 4m⊃3;-6M3
Material 5mm or 6mm high quality carbon steel
Vacuum pump China famous vacuum pump
Vacuum rate 99% thorically
Suction head 6m
Rotation speed 500 rpm,low noise,high efficiency
Install vacuum pumps and hydraulic systems driven by engine through PTO. One multi-way valve, pressure gauges, water-gas separator, oil-gas separator, hydraulic oil tank, a level inspection window, hand washing tank and a piece of 6m suction hose
Tank color is according to client's requirements.
Optional Equipments Italy or Spain vacuum pumps
Stainless steel
Anti-rust coating inside tank


Basic equipment of sludge tank truck

Imported vacuum pump, power-take-off, hydraulic cylinders, control valves , pressure gauge,

water gas separator , oil water separator, level inspection window, suction hose,pipeline system,etc.

1.Tank can be lifted hydraulically to 40 to 45 degree.Rear door can be opened&closed

hydraulically. With full opening design, discharge can be very quick&complete.


2.Overfill system with music horn is equipped to prevent the vacuum pump damage from sewage water into vacuum pump when the tank is full.


3.Super power of vacuum pump, seamless die casted sheel cover, designing for container with high ability of pressure-resistance,double hydraulic jack system, morestrength then cesspit


brand new high pressure vacuum suction truck

Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd
Combined Sewer Vacuum Jetting Truck 6m3 Tanker LHD or Rhd

Dongfeng 4*2 combined sewer jetting truck



Specifications and types


Truck Brand

Dong Run Ze


Chassis Brand


Approx. Dimension

6200*2030*2650 mm


GVW./Kerb Wt.

7360/ 4930 kg


Cab Capacity

3 persons' seat


Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner is optional


Drive Type

4X2,right hand drive or left hand drive


Fuel Type



Engine Make & Model

Chaochai engine






3760 ml


Emission Standard

Euro 2


Wheelbase/No.of axle

3360 mm / 2


Tyre Specfication



Tyre Number

6 tyres and 1 spare tyre


Axles weight

Front axle 2.4 ton rear axle 4.2 ton



WLY6T46 6 forwards 1 reverse


Max Speed

80 km/h



Automative metallic paint

Upper part

Clean water Tank Capacity

2500 Litres


Sewer water tank capacity

5500 litres


High pressure pump

High pressure pump pressure 16mpa, flow rate 130L/min


Vacuum pump

China famous brand water ring pump sk-6


Equipped PTO. pressure gauges, one water-gas separator, one oil-gas separator ,one oil tank reservoir, a lever inspection window and a piece of 6m suction hose , rear cover open , sewage tank lifting ,etc

The above information is for reference only. We can produce according to your needs so, If you have any questions you can contact me at any time.


Specification of DF Sewage Suction Truck DLK
Item Specification Item Specification
Truck Name Sewage Suction Truck Overall Dimension (mm) 6500×2120×2700
Truck Brand DF Gross / Curb Weight (kg) 8495 / 4300
Truck Model DFA1080SJ11D3 Approach / Departure Angle (°) 24 / 12
Max. Speed (km/h) 90 Front / Rear Overhang (mm) 1210 / 1490
Chassis Brand DF Chassis Model DFA1080SJ11D3
Wheel Base (mm) 3800 Leaf Spring 8/10+7;

Traction System

4 x 2 Quantity of Axles 2
Cab Capacity 1-3 Front / Rear Axle Load (kg) 3390 / 5105
Transmission manual Front / Rear Wheel Tread (mm) 1770 / 1586
1831 / 1640
Tyre Model 7.50-16 12PR,
8.25-16 14PR,
7.50R16 12PR,
8.25R16 14PR
Quantity of Tyre 6
Engine (Motor)
Brand DF Type of Fuel Diesel
Model CY4102- Displacement (ml) 3856
Max. Power (KW/hp) 100 / 136 Emission Standard Euro 3-5-6
Cylinder Stator 4, all cylinders arranged vertically in line Max Torque (N.m) 420
Quantity of Valves Per Cylinder 4 Maximum Torque Speed (rpm) 1300-1500
Cylinder Diameter × Stroke (mm) 102 x 118 Motor Rated Rotating Speed (rmp) 2800
Full Load Minimum Fuel Consumption Rate (g/KW.h) ≤200 Engine Type Electric control high pressure common rail, water cooling, vertical.
Compression Ratio 17 : 1 Noise From 1 Meter (dB) 114
Motor Net Weight (kg) 430 ABS yes
Tank Effective Capacity (L) 5500 Tank Material carbon / stainless steel
Tank Dimension (length x diameter) (mm) 3780×1300 Time to fulfill the tank (min) ≤5
Suction Height (m) ≥10


1. Any part can be customized depending on customers' demand.

2. 12 months whole vehicle warranty

3. We could support you original spare parts. Besides, we can give assistance in the following days by email or telephone. If necessary, our outwork engineer could go for technical assistance.

4. MOQ: 1 unit


Looking forward to receiving your inquiry!
Cellphone: (+86)15271357675

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