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Bulk Feed Truck 15cbm

Bulk Feed Truck 15cbm

Bulk poultry feed transport truck    Feed truck, also called bulk feed delivery truck, is a special vehicle mainly used to transportation of bulk feed, powder feed, non-corrosive bulk material, pharmaceutical powder and grain.

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Bulk poultry feed transport truck   bulk feed delivery truck  Bulk feed truck trailer
DTA specialized in livestock machinery and feed truck for more than 10 years.  we offer the loading capacity is 3T, 5T, 8T, 11T, 15T and 22~25T. Also we can supply semi feed truck customization as clients different requirements.
Bulk poultry feed transport010-truck feed carriers Bulk poultry feed transport070-truck feed carriers Bulk poultry feed transport091-truck feed carriers
The advantages:
1- Bulk feed transportation is labor saving and low cost compared with bagged feed transportation when the feedlot has feed store tank.
2- The hermetic transportation of bulk feed can reduce loss, keep quality and avoid pollution.
Continuous operation increases work efficiency.
3- This feed truck adopts the chassis of cargo truck, standardized gear pump and hydraulic motor, so that it is very convenient to operate, and easy to maintain.
Bulk poultry feed transport012-truck feed carriersBulk poultry feed transport023-truck feed carriers

         vehicle model




         chassis model




         engine model


         ISDe180 30


         engine powder(P)(P)


         180 (132KW)


         gross weight(kg)(kg)




         gross weight(kg)




         load capacity(kg)




         gross weight(kg)(kg)




         Overall dimensionmm




         Tank dimensionmm




         Tank volume(m3)








         Discharging speed(kg/min)




         Horizontal angel of unloading bar shifting




         Elevation angle of unloading bar shifting








         Horizontal distancem




         Vertical distancem



The feed bin is set on the chassis of the feed truck, and there is a fe ed inlet on the top. The helical conveyor on the top can revolute and lift freely, and the lifting angle is upto 60o, In transportation, the unloading pipe lies on the top of feed tank, while uplifts in unloading to make the feed outlet of feed tank connect to the feed inlet of store tank in feedlot. there is an operation device in cab, when unloading, it can automatically complete through power take-off shaft and helical conveyor by driving the reducer.


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