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Beiben 6X4 /6X6 Bulk Cement Truck off Road

  • 10000
  • Nil
  • T/T, Western Union
  • 2529, 2534, 2538
  • 3
  • 251-350hp
  • >8L
  • Oil
  • ISO
  • Tubeless
  • New
  • 12.00-20,12.00r20,12.00r24
  • Mercedes Benz Technology
  • Ng80A, Ng80b
  • Weichai / 270~420HP/ Hino 350HP
  • Zf8098
  • : Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4
  • military standard.
  • China
  • 8705909090
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 21-30t
  • Euro 3
  • 15001-30000L
  • 6×4

beiben 2529 bulk cement truck, beiben 2534 bulk cement truck, beiben 2538 bulk cement truck.
Our north benz bulk cement trucks can be 4*4,6*4,6*6,8*4 and 8*8 driving system. Our beiben cement transportation trucks tanker capacity can be from 20 CBM to 50 CBM.

Beiben bulk cement truck, developed on the basis of integrating the advantages and advanced technologies of several beiben 2534,2538, 3134,3138 bulk cement transportation chassis, is consisting of reliable chassis meeting Euro II standard and well-designed tank superstructure, which is safe, reliable with excellent performance.

Under the conditions of 15m vertical height, 5m horizontal distance, and 0.2Mpa working pressure, the average discharging speed is not less than 1.2t/min, the residual rate is not more than 0.3%, all of which have met national standards.

The best design for the beiben 6*4 cement tanker truck and beiben 8*4 cement tanker trucks.

Euro 3,

ND1255B44 4450+1450 WP10.290
ND1252B44 WP10.336
6*4 ND1253B45J 4500+1350 WP7.270E30
8*4 ND13105D44J 1700+4425+1350 WP10.270
6x6 off road tanker
2527A/6*6/4450+1450/ WP10.270N/199 9T-160 TAS85 12.00-20 12.00R20
2527A/6*6/5050+1450/ WP10.270N/199 9T-160 TAS85 12.00-20 12.00R20
2530A/6*6/5050+1450/ WP10.300N/221 9T-160 11.00-20
2534A/6*6/5050+1450/ WP10.336/247 9T-160 TAS85 12.00-20 12.00R20
2538A/6*6/5050+1450/ WP10.375/276 RT11509C
Euro 4

4450+1450 ND12500B44J WP10.300E40 9JS150A
8*4 1950+3900+1450
ND13101D39J WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP10.375E40 12JS200T
8*8 1500+4150+1450 ND2311G41J WP10.336E40 12JS160T
6*4 5050+1450 ND12500B51J6Z00 WP10.270E40 9JS135
WP10.300E40 9JS150A
6*4 4450+1450 ND12501B45J7 WP10.336E40 9JS150A
8*4 1950+3100+1450 ND13103D31J7 WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
8*4 1950+4600+1450
ND13104D46J WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
6*4 3800+1450 ND12505B38J WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
6*6 3800+1450 ND2250F38J WP10.300E40 9JS150A
WP10.336E40 9JS180
8*4 1950+2800+1450 ND13103D28J WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
8*4 1950+2800+1450 ND13101D28J7 WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
6*4 5050+1450 ND12500B51J WP10.336E40 9JS150A
WP12.375E40 9JS180
8*4 3800+1450 ND12505B38J7 WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
8*4 1500+4750+1450 ND13109D47J WP10.300E40 12JS160T
WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T
8*4 1950+3100+1450 ND13101D31J WP10.336E40 12JS160T
WP12.375E40 12JS200T

Our beiben Tank assembly
Straight cylindrical tank body is made of 5mm quality steel plate with firmly and evenly welded 6mm standard ellipsoidal heads on both ends, which features overall high strength, rigidity and excellent pressure bearing performance.
The reasonable layout of the tank body with two chambers shortens the discharging time, enhances the operating factor of the tank capacity, and reduces residual rate.

Pipeline system
There is an air intake pipe and a discharge pipe at the front and rear air chambers respectively, which can be opened simultaneously and controlled separately via their respective ball valves and butterfly valves

Driving and operating systems
The power of the beiben bulk cement truck is taken from the left output shaft at the rear part of the gearbox, which is accurately connected to the external power takeoff. The power takeoff is controlled by the bottom-left push button on the instrument panel in the cab.
The speed regulating device in front of the tank body is easy and convenient to operate. The control gas circuit is powered by the auxiliary gas circuit on the cement truck chassis, which has no impact on the safety of running the truck.
Beiben bulk cement truck


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