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Aluminum Tanker Trailer Features drawing

Views:1265     Author:Dong Runze Special Vehicle     Publish Time: 2017-10-17      Origin:Dong Runze Special Vehicle

Aluminum Tanker Trailer Features drawing

Aluminum Tanker Trailer Features

aluminum tanker trailer is the updated version of normal fuel tanker trailer. The main tanker body is made from aluminum plate instead of steel, which will increase the total weight of the trailer. The initial cost of this tanker looks higher than normal steel tanker trailer, however, in a long term view, aluminum tanker will save operation cost in a very high scale due to its light weight, which will doesn't need so many fuel as those steel ones do. The chassis can be steel type or aluminum type. Pump drainage or gravity drainage can be used to discharge the fuel. Other components include: lipstick, liquid level indicator, fire extinguisher, vapor recovery system, vent valve, discharge valve, etc.

 Aluminum Tanker Trailer Features diagram

Aluminum Tanker Trailer Features

Tanker body adopts aluminum to reduce the weight

Gravity drainage and pump drainage

Tanker chassis made from steel or aluminum

Various components purchased from famous brand

Featuring diagram


  • Material: Aluminum alloy

  • Bottom thickness: Bottom 7mm; Top & Side 7mm, Head 7mm, Bulkhead 7mm, Surge baffles 5mm

  • Shell finish: Interior: vacuum clean; Exterior: mill finished without painting

  • Shape: Semi-elliptical straight

  • Capacity: 40,000L + 5~10% ullage

  • Compartment: 5 equivalent compartment

  • Manhole cover: 5 liquid VOH series manhole cover, with breather valve to each compartment

  • Emergency (foot) valve: 1*4 liquid foot valve, fixed to bottom of each compartment, with pneumatic control

  • Emergency cut-off switch: 1pc at each side, 1pc at the rear

  • Pneumatic control set: Civacon

  • Discharge valve: 1*4 liquid API aluminum alloy discharge valve with 25mm sight glass

  • Discharge valve coupling: 1*4''/3'' liquid aluminum alloy adaptor to each compartment

  • Barrel bottom piping: 4'' aluminum alloy piping system for each compartment

  • Vapor recovery system: Liquid vapor recovery vent and adaptor

  • Overfill protection system: Liquid overfill protection probe and socket

  • Anti-static system: Antistatic wire reel, located at discharge valve control aream with grouding belt

  • Dip stick: Liquid 25mm*25mm square hollow aluminum with measurement in litres

  • Product indicator: Aluminum alloy rotate type, with product indicator label.

  • Ladder: Detachable aluminum alloy ladder, fixed at the front

  • Drain pipe: 2 pcs at the rear of barrel, end with ball valve

  • Walkway platform: Barrel top with anti-skid painting

  • Platform railing: Aluminum alloy

  • Discharge valve control housing: Aluminum alloy lockable box

  • Discharge hose housing: Aluminum alloy round tube, 1 pcs at each side

  • Discharge hose: 2 pcs of 3''*6 hose, with male and female camlock coupling

  • Fire extinguisher housing: 2 pcs, steel type

  • Fire extinguisher: 2 sets of 9kg, one form type, one dry powder typem fitting with safty test tags.

  • Tool box: one tool box 500*500*500mm

  • Safety cone holder: 1pc on the side fender

  • Chassis: Steel Q345 chassis, with heavy duty T shape sub-frame

  • Axle & suspension: 3 axles, BPW 12T spoke axle, 9 leafs spring suspension

  • Landing gear: JOST C200 at both sides of the trailer, control on the left

  • Kingpin: 2'' JOST

  • Braking system: Wabco dual way pneumatic with ABS

  • Electrical system: 24V, Australina, EU or US standard

  • Lighting: 24V orion LED tail lamps, side lamps, turning lights, and brake light

  • Side fender: Aluminum alloy at both sides of the trailer

  • Rear bumper: full width rear bumper complete with under run protection

  • Mudguard and mud flap: rubber type

  • Tire rim & tire: 12 + 1 pieces of 8.25*22.5 steel rims, double coin 12R22.5 tires

  • Spare tire carrier: swing type

  • Chassis finishes: sand blasted pre-treatment, 1 coat anti-rust, 1 base coat and 1 finishing coats

  • Reverse buzzer: Manufacturer's standard

  • Shipment option

The aluminum tanker trailer shall better be shipped completely, resulting a higher freight charge. Even the key parts are made from aluminum, wax treatment is still required for the prevention of corrosion. The freight cost is normally charged by cubic meter.

42M3 Aluminum fuel tank semi-trailer 3 axles BPW air suspension
42M3 Aluminum fuel tank semi-trailer 3 axles BPW air suspension
42M3 Aluminum fuel tank semi-trailer 
Size: 12000*2500*3600mm 
Max Payload: 40000kg 
Place of Origin: Hubei,China (Mainland) 
axle: BPW 
tank material: aluminum 5853/ 5454
    DRZ9400GYYL Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Semi-trailer
    DRZ9400GYYL Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Semi-trailer
    DRZ9400GYYL Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Semi-trailer


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